12th Oct 2020 09:33 -  3 years ago
Description : Sub included.
VOLUME WARNING, it has a ton of post processing and is mastered, so please do not post it in the comments because I know.

Comments (6)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

GOOSE88 14th Apr 2023 03:44 -  1 year ago
I sampled this loop! Hope you like it!
BlueWolfMusic 20th Oct 2021 19:09 -  2 years ago
This is amazing! Thanks a lot for uploading this. Here's my link:
Auver 26th Oct 2020 02:12 -  3 years ago
Glad to see you're still around :)
glitch770yt 23rd Oct 2020 19:49 -  3 years ago
yo check my youtube a make dubstep all the time but i come on here cuz i get lazy decided to import some samples in there so yknow my youtube is GLITCH770 YT
autumndrakeproject 12th Oct 2020 19:18 -  3 years ago
LOL description...I hit play and as I read it, the loop played LOL!!!

Great shit brah :-)
OddSounds replied 12th Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
TOLOTTUNES 12th Oct 2020 14:18 -  3 years ago
holy cow this is sick af
OddSounds replied 12th Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
thank you

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23rd Aug 2016 20:08 -  7 years ago
Description : I used some Eptic-style presets from the Cymatics Outbreak preset patch. This can work with trap, I'm sure, and probably dance if you're crazy enough XD! Let me know what you make with this!
18th Jan 2017 02:22 -  7 years ago
Description : Dank Wub Wubs! If you use this in a song, I'd appreciate it if you linked it to me :)
17th Feb 2017 19:57 -  7 years ago
Description : I'll never use it. Lol
15th May 2012 22:59 -  12 years ago
Description : A wop Loop in D
12th Aug 2022 11:43 -  1 year ago
Description : A Project i decided to let public by uploading the bass to it :) Full track will be out soon
26th May 2022 13:07 -  1 year ago
Description : If you made a beat using this loop, please leave the link in the comment or hit me on IG
Greetings from Poland!
15th Aug 2017 15:24 -  6 years ago
Description : With Sidechain
I tried my best to make a drop that sounded like something Bear Grillz would make.Made it in around an hour.If you want drums for it,just ask.
16th Aug 2019 19:39 -  4 years ago
Description : 150 BPM Dubstep Set. Check out the rest of the Outbreak set on my profile!
1st Mar 2023 06:37 -  1 year ago
Description : Sup, today Brostep loop
27th Nov 2017 22:27 -  6 years ago
Description : kinda dumb
17th Oct 2022 19:01 -  1 year ago
Description : Loop from my new sample pack "SHARP"

(Full on Youtube!)
12th May 2018 01:46 -  6 years ago
Description : My first published loop.. so.. leave me a link if you use it :) i love to hear your song.. made in getter sample pack
19th Mar 2020 21:59 -  4 years ago
Description : Made this base my layering four different stocks from logic together. After that I mixed the crap out of them. Made for Dubstep and such. I guess you could also call it a lead. Also I wanted to take a second to say that I'm gonna start using looperman more. I've been downloading producers' samples for about a year and I wanna be a part of it. Expect more from me from multiple genres.
28th Jan 2017 01:48 -  7 years ago
Description : Enjoy!
29th Apr 2016 14:23 -  8 years ago
Description : Cricket wobble! Sounds like mother nature discovered fat bass and weed. To be honest this isn't the best wobble ever but it definitely fits into melodic stuff. Link me ! (LF)