Description : Created using Maschine 2.8.5.

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give GoodLowe some feedback.

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Description : Used Lizard Lounge Vst plu-in and Nexus 2 arpeggiator to make this loop. Sounds a little of time, but will fit perfect on a beat.

Description : Similar to a few other loops I have. The last anchor note is a C. It's out of the scale but doesn't kill the scale. So, beginning of bar 1 is D#, Bar 2 is D#, Bar 3 is C#, bar 4 is C. Helps for making a bassline. Cheers :D

Description : Vintage Style

Description : synth groovy

Description : made this melody a while ago

used dune 2

Description : a lil spooky high pitched celestial sound.
from the demo track alert.

Description : pitched lower, and a slightly different cord progression.

Description : Lead tune used in Slow Rida. I like it. Used Albino3 to pop this one out

Description : the key is f#min.

Description : I made this a while ago but I went back and tweaked it today. As always, drop what you make in the comments, I love hearing everything

Description : Description : If you have used this loop, I would like to hear what you have created. Post your links in the comments. Thank You!

Description : Another mono synthesized sequence, sounds very vintage to my ears. It should work best in G#. Feel free to use it like you mean it.
(I've programned this long time ago, it still sounds fresh and funkee, tought. I will load some of the best takes from my archive, Enjoy.)

Description : Hope usable

Description : A full spectrum lazy lead carrying a sad feeling

Description : this is my first loop im uploading ....I've been wanting to start making loops just for this site so i thought toigh is good to start

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