12th Dec 2016 03:38 -  7 years ago
Description : {Key Ab}(I think)

Whatever key this is, It's my Favorite!!!!!!!

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Dasnake19 12th May 2019 16:48 -  5 years ago
Im kinda new to looperman so i dont know how to reply. but to silence kills. C minor and a major are not the same key... maybe you were thinking how c major's relative Minor is A minor but idk also it is either Ab or Eb i didn't do a full check but they have a one note difference
Dasnake19 12th May 2019 16:40 -  5 years ago
this gave me goosebumps
prateek098 26th Nov 2017 21:23 -  6 years ago

Playing around with all your sounds !!
Peliman44 17th Jan 2017 01:58 -  7 years ago
Hey man, I absolutely love this :) Just wondering if you maybe had the MIDI you could pass me? I want to change a few things here and there and use a different piano, but I absolutely love the melody. I've tried getting it by ear but something in it isn't right haha
megapacman66 11th Jan 2017 08:03 -  7 years ago
What's up! Thanks heaps for a dope sample to use~
This is what i have done with it! Hopefully you like it!
NiceGuyBeats 5th Jan 2017 05:31 -  7 years ago
dropped a track on using this called "Motions" (currently 2nd on playlist)'s not my best work and I didn't do this amazing sample justice, but it could be cool with the right artist
Sloto 25th Dec 2016 11:11 -  7 years ago
I made a beat recently which includes both this loop as well as Foremotion piano. You can listen to it here if you'd like:
Shinobic replied 26th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Dropped a comment :)
C2OP 20th Dec 2016 02:15 -  7 years ago
You have some truly incredible work my friend. Thank you for helping me become a better artist.
Shinobic replied 26th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks, How nice of you to say!!
7venth12 15th Dec 2016 04:15 -  7 years ago
Shinobic replied 15th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Nice vocals, I love it when people do vocals over my loops, especially when their GOOD!! Love the little future bass chops/vibes the track gives!
Fantastic Job!!
Osman38 14th Dec 2016 01:32 -  7 years ago
Did you played and recorded it on a real piano or is it a vst and you played it? Please tell me what you used to make it sound that realistic if you used Vsts
I hope for a respond because this really inspired me and I want to make more realistic sounds with plugins but somehow it just doesnt work ...
Shinobic replied 15th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Its actually a VST!!

For this I either used The Granduer or The GentleMen both by native instruments. They give you many different options from: mic positioning in relation to the hammers on an actual piano, Resonance, expression, and much more! I love all of their products!! It took me years to find a realistic vst and now I have one :)

Email me :
silencekills 12th Dec 2016 21:21 -  7 years ago
I am working on a few accompaniments for this loop. Guitar, strings, and a bass.
Shinobic replied 13th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Can't wait!!
silencekills 12th Dec 2016 19:26 -  7 years ago
Sorry.. not A-maj. not sure what I was thinking. The major would be Eb-major.
Shinobic replied 12th Dec 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks for both the complement and telling what key this is!
This is the first key I ever learned on piano and its what basically shaped my music :)
silencekills 12th Dec 2016 18:53 -  7 years ago
I believe you are in C-minor (A-major) here. Beautiful piece tho homie.

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