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Description : Spaces
Description : Dirty
Description : This loop was made with Zebralette
Description : Train is comin'...
Description : this is a mix of instruments such as nexus, sakura, and more
Description : belive!
Description : Empyreal
Description : Cosmic
Description : Everything
Description : Unlimited
Description : Viscous
Description : aaaaaaaaa
Description : Amzing Angel
Description : road to league
Description : Vigorously tenderly.
Description : rhythmic blues/country harmonica 120 bpm D Harp for A
Description : That sample was created in Renoise.
Description : Bluesy harploop with warm tube sound
Description : Dry and wet
Description : Blues harmonica lick . Played on a hohner blues harp
D for blues in A
Description : Folky wistful sounding harmonica lick Played on a Lee Oskar Am natural.
Description : Had to
Description : Enjoy and show me your work
Description : Another groovy Loop for songs in key of E Major
Description : Simple Filler Harp Loop for any style
Loops 1 - 25 of 446
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