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Description : Blues harmonica lick . Played on a hohner blues harp
D for blues in A
Description : Folky wistful soundin harmonica lick Played on a Lee Oskar Am natural.
Description : Had to
Description : Enjoy and show me your work
Description : Another groovy Loop for songs in key of E Major
Description : Simple Filler Harp Loop for any style
Description : Simple Harp Loop for any style
Description : some hot trap sample
Description : Western
Description : Western
Description : Random
Description : off beat harp filler
Description : 2 bars groove
Description : Titi in my song "So easily". Chords: C C9 F Fm
Description : flipndip as you want
Description : Something like Room to moove ? Jonny Winter style ?
Description : Short Loop with Hohner Marineband Bluesharp A.
Suitable for songs in Key of E.
Description : Cross-Harp Loop with Bluesharmonica Hohner Marineband A suitable for songs in key of E major.
Description : Same Loop like the Filler before, but remastered for fans of better stereo picture and more natural room sound
Description : complete unprocessed raw wav-file for self mixing and mastering.
Played on an 30 years old 12 hole Hohner Marine Band.
Description : Trip Hope Blues
Description : Genre: Trip House Blues
Description : Valuable for trip house blues
Description : 80 BMP , Produced with FL Studio 12 and Pro Tools 10 , loop producer by Mef Beats.
Description : Horror
Loops 1 - 25 of 428
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