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Description : Arturia Pigments

let me know if used

Description : Made with Kontakt Library Kazakh Dombra

If u made a song link it in the comments

Description : SAD UKULELE :(
send me what you make :)

Description : Selfmade loop made on Ukulele. Let me see your work in comments if you do some beats with this loop!

Description : Several asked me to make this version of the last ukulele loop that I uploaded, for whom I wanted the ukulele without the effect of the waves, here it is. Enjoy it!

lofi ocean joji sad chords real ukelele ukulele sanellix music

Description : Thank you all for the 20k downloads in my loops! I really enjoy doing them and this motivates me, enjoy this loop recorded with my own ukulele to celebrate! Do not forget to share your work!

Lofi ukelele joji ocean ambient hip hop relax

Description : j89hu8

Description : A ukulele I played myself and added effect to in logic Pro x.
Plz send Lofi Beats

Description : Simple chord progression on a ukulele in C Major. Made in Fl studio using Xpand!2.

Description : enjoy this ukelele/guitar loop

if you make anything with this post it in the comments, ill glady listen to it

Description : guitar based loop, didnt use any vst
only one shots

Description : its real ukulele, little pitched and half 2x speed in groove beat

Description : i just played this

Description : beach tune

Description : - Share or Contact for Beat Placements
- Contact For Custom Loops
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Description : wha???

Description : F Minor scale
162 BPM

Description : Would like to hear what you make ! (Might be 130 BPM or 140 , I forgot)

Custom Guitar Loop Pack Available Hit Me Up

Description : show me ur shit

Description : Lets hear what you make !

Guitar Loop Pack Available , Hit me up

Description : I made a nice, romantic, lofi ukulele loop in FL studio, I'm not sure of the key off hand, Sorry. Thanks for all the support guys, And if you enjoyed this sample then show some love in my bio!

Description : Here is a uke I never used. Hope you can make something cool out of it:) Hope your having a nice day:)

Description : Heya there everyone, I was just kind playing around when I made this and ended up really really liking it. I know there's lots of you out there that would also enjoy it so here ya go! And if you are taking the time to actually read this, Show your boi some love, I work hard day and night on these loops and a follow on my socials makes it all worth it :) Thanks all, Happy Creating!!

Description : Plz send beats

Description : Plz Send Sad Beats

Loops 76 - 100 of 168
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