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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

Acapellas (16)

Description : ..........

Description : Acapella for my single time will tell. Go listen to that on youtube. Send me your finished beats with this acapella

Description : I swear i just leave stuff unifinished. No offense but please don't message me on insta asking to rap over your beats. I barely have the motivation to rap over anything nowadays

Description : Blood it's mad

Description : Fam it's a mazza lean

Description : Acapella for my new single 2 minds out now on youtube.

Comment a link to your remix if you use it for your track


Description : Reuploaded

Description : Decided to reupload my acapellas

Description : I don't do collabs

Description : Bro don't hit me up for collabs.

Description : bro Don't hit me up for collabs

Description : i'm too focus

Description : I am reuploading my acapellas back on looperman.

Description : Don't do collabs

Description : Please don't hit me up on insta about collabs. I don't do collabs.

Description : This is just one old acapella. Also i don't do collabs sorry

Acapellas (16)