Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : A song I wrote and made a while back, though I added some verses! (BPM is 110).

The difference is that this vocal has been processed to sound feminine (using some manual formant shaping through Newtone).

Chords (Bm, D, A, A & Em6) (I added some guide at the start for the pattern)

This is free, but If you're going to use this vocals, please do name your title "Remember by bitronix (XXXX remix)" with the XXXX as your name. The reason is that I already have a song uploaded with the vocals.

Description : The vocals was done about a year or two ago, and this is one of my upcoming tracks that I didn't finish. It has a full version, though I'll have to save that when I get back to producing this again.

Meanwhile, here's just a hook of it.

(Chords: F#m, C#m, E, Bm)

If you're going to publish your work, do kindly feature me! Also please share your tracks in the comments below.

Description : The BPM is at 120, while the chords I think are (if you want a serious, a bit mellow version) Bm, D, A, G.

If you want a more happy version, it can be just D, A, and then G.

(If the chords doesn't fit, try transposing them to another key, it revolves there)

The vocals are free, though I would like you to feature me in your title! Also, do share the link to your track on the comments!

Acapellas 1 - 3 of 3