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Description : using a harsh tone in the vocals. sounds like it could be used some thing hard-core
Description : Giving a warning about all the dangers in life
Tags : 120 bpm | Weird | 1.54 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Has sort dark tone about a lost soul. Recorded in a sort robot vocal style.
Tags : 120 bpm | Comedy | 1.91 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : a funny sort of style a DJ talking to his audience. You may use the vocals how every want, be nice to hear how you use it. Recorded at 120BPM
Description : female and male vocal track with added effects. Use the vocals how ever want.
Description : Female vocals of friend of mine "Pauline". Added effects to the vocals.
Description : Dark vocals I put together. lyrics are about fantasy world I thought of. Use the vocals how ever you want.
Tags : 120 bpm | Dance | 1.80 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : vocals you could put to a dance song. Use the vocals how every you want
Description : Angry vocals of mine. my quick explanation of the word bang.
Description : Metal vocals I put together that sort tell a story. At the end I added couple screams you could use vocal samples also
Description : Sort sounds like short story of some kind. Thoughts I put together and decide to record
Description : Recorded on my keyboard a Korg R3 at 120 BPM. some odd thoughts of mine that ended up turning into a acappella. use the vocals how every want.
Description : a spoken word acapella of a man's thoughts on being alone one evening with some he loves. I added effects and vocals are mine
Description : acapella with a lot different effects added. unique thoughts of mine I recorded.
Description : a sort angry sounding acapella. just random thoughts of mine.
Description : acapella I recorded with a robot tone to it. it is all about a new dance I created called the "shake it". use it how every you like just be nice hear back to see what you done with it.
Description : spoken word acapella with my vocals. it's a sort of peak inside the brain of a mad man
Description : spoken word acapella i put together. It's the thoughts of man that had his heart broken. Recorded it 120 BPM
Description : vocals i put together with some auto tune added. Has a odd robot sound to them.
Description : acapella from Amber a singer i work with. no effects on this version.
Description : sounds of a confused man in love
Description : vocals i recorded for a track i did a while ago.i thought it would be nice to hear what others could do with the vocal. Amber is the one singing a local artist I work with.
Description : a odd female acapella with effects from a local artist from around here Amber
Description : a odd female acapella from a local artist from around here Amber
Tags : 120 bpm | Weird | 1.35 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : odd vocals that i was thinking about at that moment. no fx added, it's about life.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 29
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