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Zombie Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : This is my Chorus effect morphed and pitched with a few lines of my VOX.

Description : The Zombie Zone - Perfect for Zombie intros....
Put (feat. Shamoozey) in the TITLE of your remix.

Description : Here's a little something i threw together for Halloween, bit late i know, anyway, better later than never.......... The BPM is 190. Chords i used were AM, G, D. Happy Halloweeney from ZOMBboozieman!
My version here banged together

Description : Another New one!
Original reference

Description :

You put me up on rails
Shining lights grow tractor
When I look at him
Next to on your grave
I'm crucified, I am dismayed
I won't cheap back
Wanting and want to
No one cares when you are done to me

I love to see them when they're brave
You know I'm the best zombie in the yard

You don't even know why
I can breathe
I can read
I can see
I can lead
I can be
I can see
I can be what you need
I can shoot you motherFJ(Fers
In your smile cuz you're smilin
You now see
That you'll never be all the way back home again
Death is your home now
I am gonna lay her
And actually slay her
Given back to the ground
All the way to the sound
And the down, down, down

Description : inspired by magic the gathering if used please include feat metaled in the title

Description : Alright guys, I hope you guys have fun with this one. Go crazy! Haha, as always I love hearing what you guys do with em. So let be sure to post a link to the track on this page.

You guys should feel free to use it, a long as you say "Feat. Farisha"

Acapellas 1 - 7 of 7
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