19th Apr 2010 02:46 -  14 years ago
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Description : original native chant I made for a track that didn't work out.

Comments (21)

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regio36 6th Jul 2023 03:58 -  10 months ago
I changed to the pitch to this piece and applied it as my intro the my cover. Credit still goes to you, of course. ^^
Swazy777 9th Mar 2021 19:16 -  3 years ago
Blivanos 13th May 2018 22:58 -  6 years ago
Thank you again!!
Blivanos 13th May 2018 22:47 -  6 years ago
Thank you so much!!!
jasetr 16th Dec 2017 13:58 -  6 years ago I used this acapella! Thank you so much! It was a great luck to find this !
5h4DoWnIgHt 10th Apr 2017 22:28 -  7 years ago
I will use it in a Psytrance track called Natives in Modern Times which describes the use i think very well !

Here is my channel to check out my latest tracks ! I released today another great track but this will be online soon, too!

Your ShadownightLP
SamsonJr 18th Jan 2016 21:48 -  8 years ago
andybarra 25th Jan 2015 17:55 -  9 years ago
michaelijah 13th Jan 2014 01:06 -  10 years ago
Fantastic Chant...I used it in an Dubstep Style Song. Here's the link:
sdgprojections 2nd Jan 2014 21:09 -  10 years ago
hope you like what i have done with the vocal
derekjo 14th Dec 2013 16:54 -  10 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Have some ideas in mind as to how I'm gonna use some of you acapella. I'll keep you updated on it's final use. All the best to you!
KniceSoundZ 11th Jul 2013 17:04 -  10 years ago
Just might use this for a Tribal type hip-hop track I'm working on. I'll drop the think if I do. Thanks!!
MarkMorrison 1st Jul 2012 22:51 -  11 years ago
I am using this chant and would like to send you the copy. What is your e-mail address? Mine is
DeejayRamza 28th Jul 2011 18:40 -  12 years ago
im abt 2do sumthn wit dis.... nyc 1 wooooo weeee!
BlueDog 5th Apr 2011 00:11 -  13 years ago
Love this, very inspiring, made me bit homesick for the pow wow days :)
outofeden 29th Mar 2011 23:28 -  13 years ago
I agree with the others that say this should be longer. I love the way it sounds. The delay is really cool. This is very connecting and could be used so powerfully. I imagine it as a soft intro with the sound of a waterfall crashing as the music starts to weave in.
Guttercolin 4th Dec 2010 14:37 -  13 years ago
Exactly what I needed for ambient tribal song.
DjDutcher 3rd Nov 2010 13:30 -  13 years ago
This could be a ringtone, image sitting in a bus while your phone goes off: Haieeeeeehaoooo!! :P
OliviaTR7 29th Sep 2010 14:39 -  13 years ago
Though I have Cherokee/Comanche blood seems
I've lost my native tongue. If I knew the language I could do my own chants but am afraid of making a fool of myself by trying, ha! So, I TY for this loop. Don't know if I'll use it cause it is a bit short but maybe I can sing what he is chanting and try adding something more to it.

Hello again Avonaco,
Here is the link to my song "Perfect Place"using your Native loop:

Thanks again, it really made the song much better!
Olivia/aka Turquoise Rose
Salook 14th Aug 2010 23:48 -  13 years ago
Man i am a sucker for these kind of chants, would love to hear more of the same, used this pella for the track 'Transit Pow Wow' if you dig it man i will send you a copy, cheers for sharing
Avonaco replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Whats up Salook...I'm glad you were able to dig it..and I took a few listens to the track. Very good work!! This was made for a track that fell apart and I really don't plan on anymore chants at this point.. But if you need something particular..let me know and I'll get it to you. And yes please get at me with a copy ... Deuces...
Starlynx 16th Jun 2010 00:37 -  13 years ago
Wow,,,almost what I'm looking for!! Too bad it's so short. Another 10-15 seconds woulda been so cool. I've been too a few Pow Wows here and there and I love the Native American singing.
Avonaco replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
thanks for the review Star...Its always appreciated.

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