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Description : Enjoy and use well :)
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : scratched hit
Description : !WARNING! Very Loud!!! Made with Audacity
Description : I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio. It's a mechanical scratchy kinda thing for a track I'm currently working on...
Description : Made in fl studio. Title says it all. For a new track I'm making...hope it's useful for you out there as well. I've put it under hip hop because that's where I'm using it for....
Description : Middle Wevo Synth (Scratch)
Description : using the scratcher in FL Studio and learning FPC drum pad. just some experimenting around
Description : Some scratches I made I hope you find a use for it!
Description : spiffy dialog scratch from 'his practices are questionable at best' ...not bad for a turntable simulator
Description : tie it to a beat = scrubadub fool
Description : it's not bad...
Description : f-f-f-fresh
Description : kinda plus
Description : pretty live for a dead guy
Description : work it out
Description : kinda fresh no?
Description : extra rhythmic scratchy glitch thing
Description : alright1 scratch loop reversed
Description : scratch loop of me saying alright thought it sounded cool so i'm sharing it with you all
Description : 33 BRAND NEW TRAP LOOPS! Okay Ha! I am back on the loop producing grind. Sh*t I tried some things prior. Okay forget that! Just doing Hip-Hop because that's how I am feeling right about now. I got an overwhelming huge request for TRAP loops. Whenever I do Trap you good folks got me locked in for maximum downloads, thanks! I might do some Electro-Funk later but that's about it. Enjoy "The Best Trap Loops" on this site! Mr. Traptastic (Mr Funktastic).
Description : The words 'drum beat' scratched in a robotic effect. If you use this please let me know, I would love to here it.
Description : A wobbly scratch. If you use this please let me know, I'd love to hear it.
Description : A snare drum scratched into shape on my DDJ T1
Description : So for this series I decided to A.) make some more scratch stuff for the loop & B.) do some stuff for the hiphop-heds out there (since it's been a while since I did either). Opted to try something different this time. And so, the "VM" in the name stands for 'Voice-Mail', coz that's what it was. In this one my dad was callin me to see if we could swap Lawnmowers, but he did it in kind of a peculiar way (ie, sayin 'proposal' & 'capability of bagging', fun words, haha). Let yall twist 'em as ya see fit. Have fun!
Loops 1 - 25 of 98
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