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Description : reggae
Description : thatr snare
Description : a bunch of snares
Description : they work with dubstep snares kinda
Description : Made with Flstudio 11
Description : Made with Akai MPC2k and FLstudio
Description : Made with FLStudio
Description : .......
Description : Enjoyseadgs
Description : Hey gys this is a harbase kick for you, enjoy it.
Description : Tried to remake Cardiak's drums used in the beat with the same name.
Description : I love hiphop. Make to FL Studio 11
Description : FL Kick Snare
Description : This Hip Hop drum loop is influenced by Trap sub-genre and is created using AddictiveDrums 2 by XLN Audio. That makes it sound very similar with some real live drums.
Description : A little piece I made in Logic Pro X, Enjoy.
Description : Had this dope loop in my mind so I brought it to life. Let me know if you use it.
Description : Interesting lo-fi drum sounds come together to form a hardcore dance beat. Would be a fun one to chop or manipulate in some way.
Description : Perfect for your EDM or House songs! ENJOY!
Description : A simple electronic drum loop created with sounds from my analog modular and circuit bent toys. Could be fun in lots of genres.
Description : Simple drum pattern of kick, snare, and high hat to get your trance compositions rollin. Would probably sound fine at about any tempo as well. l8tr.
Description : Very weird but actually catchy drums. ENJOY
Description : Drum with some layering and stretching effects going on. Would work for dubstep or drumstep of course, but might be good for something like DnB or hip hop if used right.
Description : A bouncy modulated drum pattern, with a combination of psy trance, trip hop, and house vibes. Would enjoy hearing what you do with it!
Description : Simple kick drum pattern with a bit of a rise at the end. I'm putting this under house, but could be used for lots of styles as it's just a electronic kick drum.
Description : Dope 808 Loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 12122
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