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Description : Set DREAM MESSAGE, Drum loop 100 BPM Db. Created in Reaper using free 1shots.
Description : It’s really sad, but once your brain’s a piece of shit, it’s always a piece of shit
Description : I love this :D It's funny and unique. Hope you like it too c: - Timmy
Description : .....
Description : Somethimes i like the harder kickdrums!
Description : drums for the robot love stuff
Description : Trap or Hip Hop drums with 808s..if you guys want, I can make another without the 808s!
Description : A harder kickdrum.
Description : kinda hiphopy dnb chopped drums with panning and a little reverb
Description : I'm going to use this as an intro for a track I'm working on. Nothing special but I thought it might come in handy for others as well...made in fl studio.
Description : first part of 2..made by creating presets with massive over drives filters and oscillators
Description : Made with the TD 20 electro kit
Description : Did this for a song i'll never do :p so its yours made it using tr-roland 808 software plug in in fl studio comment your work -Skreim-
Description : i tryd using stuff the tablet instead of the comp
Description : Belongs to the synt. The beat is eight bars long and has twice 4 bar repetition. first bar key is B, second bar key is A third bar is key B (and E) and the fourth again key A.
Description : Trying Sausage Fattener for the first time
Description : Some cool drums. Enjoy
Description : I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio.
Description : rick rock chant with some fast hats
Description : Pop Perc from a kit
Description : same thing different flow
Description : yup drum pattern little bassy kick with cool hats
Description : R Ross Series Drums
Description : ......
Description : I wanted to try something new
Loops 1 - 25 of 12901
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