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Description : Only kicks and snare. Enough space to add your own creativity. Don't credit me please. I hope it's useful for some of you out there...put it under electro (cause that's where I use it for) but fits other genres as well...
Description : Dubstep drum beat. Very Skrillex like, if I do say so myself. Made with MIDI on Ableton.
Description : Part of the new Hippity Hoppity Boo Loop Pack! Hip hop original beat made with MIDI.
Description : ELECTRO CRUNCK
Description : Hang on to your roots
Description : RETRO LOOP
Description : A very nice drum loop I have created using various samples from FL Studio. This will go nicely with my Harmor Bass 1 loop! **PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE MY LOOPS IN YOUR SONGS**
Description : Well, I don't produce dubstep but I have a bunch of these loops like this! (Apologies if the loop isn't the best quality, I'm still half deaf from seeing Skrillex last night.)
Description : New drums please show me if you use
Description : Drum Loop from one of my projects,if you find it useful share youre project with me :D
Description : 140bpm, but sounds like drum and bass.
Description : made this
Description : i made it for my dark rap beat. but i shared with yall instead
Description : .....
Description : i think i got a cold
Description : link me to anything you use this in please.
Description : A Loop from one of my old beats,I think its pretty cool :) Enjoy and share your work with me when youre finished :D
Description : Drum beat remake for Chris Brown's Loyal. Made with Ableton.
Description : Drum beat remake for Chris Brown's Loyal. Made with Ableton.
Description : fl studio 11
Description : A heavy distorted beat in 90 bpm.
Description : fl studio 11 90bmp
Description : Just the Hats... reuploading
Description : A funky beat, could be in use for House genres/subgenres.
Loops 1 - 25 of 12272
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