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Description : rock groovy with Addictive tune
Description : recorded live with Addictive tone
Description : old dnb drums
Description : old dnb hats
Description : old dnb snares
Description : old dnb kicks
Description : brushes loop, part D
Description : brushes loop, part C
Description : brushes loop
Description : brushes loop, part B
Description : mallets inspired by there will be blood
Description : Second loop
Description : loop 01 out of 02
Description : its got ohmicide on it and i cut the initial hit part of the kick so its just a sub basicly
Description : Trapbeat for my Lead Loop
Description : cuz wraps arnt as tasty
Description : cuz wraps arnt as tasty
Description : cuz wraps arnt as tasty
Description : there the tortilla drums all processed for its own w.e. reverb delay love philer n vocodex
Description : dope boy on thee drums
Description : wanna be gangstas banging on drums
Description : The instrumentals to the 140 BPM beat! Here you go, DJZdUbZ!
Description : some of us like trap...
Description : Moody Loop 175 bpm
Description : a kind of hardcore kick i made with massive. basically i was just trying to see how much i could distort it. hope you can do something with it
Loops 1 - 25 of 11966
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