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Description : A nice little sample to slip into a track somewhere. Probably couldn't build an entire track around this but may be good for hooks or an intro/outro.
Description : ENJOY
Description : ENJOY
Description : Killing the time in FL Studio
Description : A "Fresh Prince"-like oldschool drumloop with some kind of a bassline. If there's a demand, I could upload this loop without FX. Just ask and I'll try to make you happy. However, hope you enjoy this. Love on!
Description : Just a snare roll with a fill at the end Show work? :3
Description : 5th!!!!!
Description : 4th!!
Description : Breakdown of the Rypto Rage Drum Loop c: Made in Ableton Live 9
Description : Punchy beat I made in Ableton 9.
Description : 8-Bit Dubstep Drums. Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!
Description : Drums for Drop. Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!
Description : beetle juice in da house dis is yo brains on drugs ahheeyyyy oohh shit sun
Description : i think its cool
Description : this is my first loop and i know it sucks. made with image-line's drumaxx plugin. comment what you did with it. i would love to promote your song!
Description : I had a this idea for a minimal drop for a remix I'm working on, but it just didn't fit, so here's the drums.
Description : Yeah I just tried to make a Trap Beat in 90 bpm .. Here is the result. What do you think?
Description : drum loop
Description : ENJOY
Description : sounds like stickybuds
Description : various stuff to go on top
Description : swing drums cut up
Description : Here's the orchestral drum section of loop pack I have created for all of you. Bpm recorded at 80. Something simple but does wonders for the project.
Description : ......
Description : ENJOY
Loops 1 - 25 of 11030
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