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Description : makin a soul beat
Description : Here is another drop and drums loop meant to go together! Uploading because today is Black Friday! Enjoy this one!
Description : 2 bass deep
Description : Amen Style loop 175 BPM Please share your creations, nice one.
Description : Unfortunately i cant upload the full piece i used this in because i didn't make all of it. But if you are interested go and have a listen! ill leave a link at the bottom :) Feed back is always welcome!
Description : 174 BPM. Just trying different stuff.
Description : Klaus Dinger style, 132 bpm, 4 bars
Description : 144bpm 4 bar
Description : Shake yo booty
Description : Just a basic edm beat :P
Description : fermented mares milk lol
Description : A pretty groovy drum loop, usable for Garage/House/Dance genres. Enjoy, and show me what You made with it!
Description : 4 Bars 102 BPM. Reason Drumdrops Rogers Dub Kit + Bass/flanged Claps of Synapse Antidote. Minimal compression, no extra reverb or echo.
Description : Second loop of Drum & Bass drums. Bass booster applied when exported, do not apply it again.
Description : .....
Description : Used random samples with Fruity Love Philter, hope it's useful for you
Description : Melbourne pack for you ^-^
Description : I would use it as outro of any Trap track. lemme know if u use
Description : Its a TRAP . lemme know if u use
Description : Another Drum and Bass drums loop! Enjoy this one
Description : " They fight, cry, shout, kill to get the breast, all of that without the assurance of getting a single drop of milk. " - Emeline Bécuwé.
Description : Nice heavy drums made with FL Studio 11.
Description : AS requested....hope it's useful for others as well.
Loops 1 - 25 of 12478
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