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Description : collect all 4!
Description : collect all 4!
Description : collect all 4!
Description : collect all 4!
Description : low down dirty dr. mr. style
Description : it'll be a harsh summer
Description : it's getting hot out here
Description : This is a HipHop drum loop with that swing! I made this while working on a track but i did not like the finished project but i loved the drum loop!
Description : Trying to use these
Description : ............................... APRIL FOOLS!
Description : old's cool innit ?
Description : Dropping off another hip hop drum loop for you guys. Make a banger and let me hear what you have! Enjoy! -Feenom
Description : Hard House style loop programmed in Ableton. Straight 4 on the floor with a big kick and a top end break run through an auto filter and beat repeat for a glitchy random sound. 4 bars at 133 bpm.
Description : Funky-ish old school break loop programmed in Ableton using Dope VST Beat Machine CM. This plug-in is perfect for breaks. The samples are first class. Run through a vinyl simulator for some crackle. 4 bars at 110 bpm
Description : ........
Description : Hmm... delicious
Description : I don't like trap much but here you go :D
Description : ......
Description : hiphop funk dance r&b
Description : Somebody gonna DO WORK with this one. Be Koo.
Description : Tempo is 89.220
Description : stretched snare sounds like a robot
Description : Kicked hard with hats
Description : .......
Description : DRUMS ARE SICK M8
Loops 1 - 25 of 13088
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