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Description : Happy New Year to all out there...i decided to work with another one one of Estae's great flows...still a work in progress...pc


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Description : clase your're on a rain swept and your girl...just walkin' and enjoying bein' with each other

for coney's first comp back in the winter, thanks dude for letting me be a part
beatmakers entry Feb 2010 round 1

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Description : rock tha hip hop nation people....this is the beat....introducing one of my alter egos.....Dj SoulFather....the real....features a loop from:

JDot2006...peace man


****Jan 10....made some adjusts as per repeated listening and Simmer's right on observations...stil rough with some wack stuff at the very end

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Description : tried to do a track in 10 minutes per Slap Johnson's challenge but couldn't do it....however this was done in little over an hour, my tracks usually take days...this genre is an experiment for me, see what i could come up with, hope you like it, all feedback welcome as always...!
***Added some percussion and tightened up the mix...see above***
Thanks victormusic01x

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Description : new track .....featuring some great loops from Leland Chapman and some slices from my own track I'LL SHOW YOU HOW ft JOHNNY KEMP back in 1984!!!.....this is some energizer material peoples...this is going to be on my mixtape hittin' the streets here in New YorK on Nov 1....if you wanna be on it, holla back....



copyright 1984 and 2010 victormusic01x

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Description : older track of mine, synths, me on all guitars and croaking a little bit into the mic! remastered in Protools a couple of weeks ago..hope you all like it..ol skool of the nyC...still rockin' baby!

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Description : going out on a limb here..ambient, dub, outer space? for me labels are only inside my shirts...always been into everything...comments, criticism, loose blunt's lol etc. most welcome..loops mostly from here and other royalty free spots..hope you all like it! thanks all the nyC

****new jan 2010 remix....thanks alot^^^^

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Description : another experiment for me this afternoon, peace


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Description : something I've been working on, on and off for quite awhile when Vizun entrusted me with these words last year....only now beginning to feel that I could give them some musical justice....this is super super rough, but I was inspired by what Ii had so far it is .....raw and uncut....true words from the heart...

vizun....big respect to u man, you are so blessed....thank you for trusting me

....much more to come from me


Description : a tribute to Nate Dogg who left life too soon ft Estae's Bright Lights acapella...we are all like Bright Lights in the sky...


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Description : ruff mix of someting I was working on groove loop from the mp3 by AssasinBeats that i messed with and added to..still a work in progress..all reviews, comments, good vibes welcome..thanks for listening and pray for world peace...**new 2010 mix done today feb 3 2010...thanks the n y C!

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Description : put together a little jam ft the Philsofist, really digging his performance here...a loop from Tr0y underneath and a little pixie dust from my tool box....sttil in the roght track stage and meed to adjust the timing in a few spots, but I was digging it so....****made some quick adjusts. levels, ediTs, etc.....thanks for listening...all reviews welcome!

big respect to the Philosofist

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Description : yes I, jah know...the hip hop terrorista is just warming's the tuesday nite NY transdermal mix..submitted for your approval..a tasty morsel that might just blow out your loop in the intro, much respect due him........enjoy...!! updated after checking some levels...this us hot with good HEADPHONES TOO! the n y C!!....que pasa mamacita?????

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Description : yeah, somethin' somethin' i started working on this afternoon....and wanted to put this out there..victormusic01x...

this ish will be on download soon.....

Description : yeah....they say a man see's his whole life pass b4 him at the very end ..."You ain't heard of me"...cinematic...chronic...inspired by a dream I had with Dr. Dre in it lol(subtitle - in dre's house)....wacked a 'pella from gapjux ft. LUSH ONE and cali agent's rascO...
when you start to get dizzy the flows start to sound crazyyyy

frriday - adjusted some levels an stuff per spivkurl's review!..enjoy the new mix and have a safe and great weekend!
remix 2 - added some stuff and changed up the flow a little..let me know what you think...thanks!

***updated and edited NOV 26 2010****

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Description : greetings just wanted to make sure everyone knew I wasn't working on new tracks or anything lol...more in victormusic01x's work with voices...'pellas from WorldPeace and vitamindZ, big up to them...levels...should vocals sometimes be more "buried" in the mix...this is the question...all comments, reviews, mystery callers! welcome..
be well and think of world peace!
*******collab alert! pls see my forum post for all details...looking for singers and mc's to take this jam to anotha level..!


Description : new bounce to get ya movin on the pavement.....90bpm.....Fruity.....Acid Pro 7.0.....victormusic01x magic.....yeah, that's whats up, done...lofi copy

don't forget to get in touch about the mixtape that's gonna hit the streets here in NY next month


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Description : something new i've been working on today...featuring the voice of one of looperman's own......Mhyst....this is very high energy!

Happy New Year to all!


telling it like it is from NY


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Description : fresh beats comin' at ya

lo fi 1st ruff mix

acid pro 7

nyc 08Apr 2011



Description : Greetings from the citi that never sleeps...Charlie Sheen ain't got nothing on me lol...something fresh out a the oven everyone....twisted some great loops from alividlife...big shoutout to him on the left coast yo.....this is real real ruff...not finished yet...a sketch if you will...

used the magnificient accapella "Detroit Demeanor" from Buddahmann and crew on tha site, Silverback and Drew i think....big respect to you fellas repping the great city of detroit...

hope you all get a chance to hear it

hoping this will be on my upcoming Hip Hop Presentation coming soon to a block near you

update Apr 4 2011
^^ realigned the pella better......check it out^^^^

update Apr 6 2011

had a few hours in between rehearsals and tightened up the beat....check it out....pc


Description : yeah...i think ballads are the hardest types of tracks to due..a work in progress...a few promo pack loops, I think one from here...all feedback comments etc welcome...thanks and have a great weekend\
**minor adjiustments sat night**
** added some things and tweaked levels etc..still working on this...thanks for listening!!

pray for world peace


Description : ok. this goes out once again to the fams in cOOp, minneapolis for the purple one and all the world...this is the more raw victormusic01x, features a 'pella from gapjux out in oaktown ft. tia and dion, a killer bell loop from your face...take no prisoners kind of sh*t...ya dig? know where i be by now....
remix saturday early am nyc added some stuff, we'll see!!

***tightened some stuff up..big up to gapjux out a oakland representing the west coast cali undaground...enjoy**

** sunday ...electric lady rainbow bridge supa mix ft. loops from rei4real and ?.....'scuse me, while i kiss the sky

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Description : yes i, we in a jamaican mood tonight seen?...all praises to Jah the Creator, Junior Delgado for the inspiration and big up respect to the godfather of melodic dub Augustus Pablo...give thanks...ras tafari the first...this is a dubwise in progress...***made some small adjustments..loops by dj fred val added..thanks for listening!*
**sly and robbie remix style dub wise....seen?"

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Description : ****29sep...a littel more fine tuning...enjoy the ride friends...
***good evening and good day to those who have actually taken the time out to sleep, crash..whatever..this i sthe the nyc..we don't stop..because the city of light and dreams never sleeps...24.7 peoples....dedicated to Ini Kamoze and the all the hotsteppers out there..big up to MRDOLL !!....seacrest out....shoot....
***made some adjustments..still fine tuning..all reviews and feedback welcome and appreciated, thanks***more fine tuning...enjoy
djOmegaMon hiphopdub a tronic remix by victormusic01x

Description : this is sometin new and fresh for all the looperman family...a collab with gapjux out a cali fams, using his Paradise acapella...this is just a rough draft...all reviews welcome...**** added some things***Oct 7 and now Oct8***%% thanks

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