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Description : Fun but no profit
every now and then a warm ballad,chilled wine,roses

Just not this time.

Description : I can't remember the vocalist,but here is a one off,for fun no profit,
175 bpm, tricky time signature kind of a darky jazz influenced
music line,and some great rap,from an aspiring hood artist.
Is unmastered,done on an old korg multitrack daw,analog to digital recording.

Description : rant and roll street sweeper

Description : nice little time sig, future-lowfi are the inspiration

Description : found a suitable vocal acapella and tossed a prog rhythm for "prog rap" for kicks

Description : a quickie,a looperman acapella "Ozark infidel" by grotesk,not a collab,just did it to do it, it is drama and cynicism on a hot plate of sonic drum tracks

Description : acapella bigjoweezy is coupled with a rythm cooked up on my venom synth recorded on a korg D16XD

Description : I put a heavy evolving beat and got a pretty nice sync with the acapellas rock that shit by cause
and pointreazon,venom,gladiator,reaktor,reason recorded onto a Korg D16XD multitrack

Description : acapella is grotesk someday baby, synced up to an electronic breakbeat and synthesized stew, abelton,reason,logic pro,reaktor,venom,gladiator is how it was made using midi and groove devices
created for practice on techniques only

Description : I made a supernatural vibey beat based on a bass and snare hit loop made for dub found on looperman I will give credit when I figure out whose it is,anyway I built on top of the loop, using midi devices and recorded onto a korg D16XD multitrack toy recorder..and synced up "What the move is" acapella in Logic pro just for the practice.

Description : This is a demonic anthem of sorts 150 bpm feat a known looperman vocal cresting kind of at the peak of a sonic shock wave
reorded analog straight to a multi track korg recorder

entertainment only

Tags : | Trap | 3.63 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Tumbler 120 bpm beats created by stacking patterns from reason analog mix digitslly recorded to a multi tracker. Made at home, not in a studio,for fun and relaxation and practice, thanks to bramaf acapellas for allowing people to fidget with their stuff, we love doing that.

Description : Acapella's, and one drum loop found here on looperman, and I made a booboo and created one hell of a mean little funny here, looperman, reason, abelton, logic pro straight into a Korg D16 XD hard disk recorder, completely unprofessional, but dark as hell. Punk funk.

Tags : | Fusion | 4.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Dark, scary and evocative HORROR instrumental-Pukwudgie on guitar over a bed of drums and some bass tones, like Hendrix on acid AND coke, I'm not a user just crusin low to the looper soundwagon, capiche PUKWUDGIE-GUITAR DRUMS AND A BASS LOOP

Description : this is criminal classic rock, dark, instrumental with vocals- is a serious step towards dark electronic rock with guitar layered over drums and a loop in ableton and a looper acapella, it is 207 bpm so it is nice and a rowdy and fast

Description : Heavy, fast, fun, done in abelton live and reason
recorded straight into a small Korg XD16 multi tracker, Reno Jr is the vocalist that I paired up with my hard drivin beat, with Pukwudgie on guitar

Description : Ill, dark, scary, silly and finally dumb. I think that says it, recorded 178 bpm in abelton to a multitrack deck with reason and tone 2 and cytomic and nomad factory plugin help-Kamikaze acapella Make a move-vocal

Description : okay I made it up, but in my mind it exists, so "Moanin' Lisa feat prophecy" now exists. I made a bad funny here, cryptic, quotational, mysitifying, deliberate, ok I'm done...forgive me -Pukwudgie

Description : Mannheim steamroller- like Muzak, elevator music something that beats and throbs behind a backlashing of ghetto hype..this is the opposite of that..

Description : Apocalyptic industrial loops infused with midi synthlines from tone-2 gladiator, Kairatune, Dune
abelton live and reason used straight to Korg XD16
8 track recorder, analog recording master, and a super group of acapella stars.

Description : impervious to revision, turn it up LOUD. It is "By any Mean Necessary" all cowboyed up!
The Good the Bad and the Purp!

Description : it's a dark menacing and naughty chiller 100bpm all looperman loops and the vocal track is an acapella called 'Please Me" picked from looperman rap acapellas,darkly amusing, just for the practice, analog mix

Description : It is 95 bpm, has that futuristic car commercial sound and smell, has an acapella I believe released by Kamikaze of several different artists on one acapella..it sounds scary, sounds exciting, futuristic trip hop for fun only.

Description : dodgy drum machine presets could be the title
but this drum machine can do no wrong, honey blair featured on vocal and it makes the song special, used reactor and electra x synthesizers played from midi files,and a drum machine ZR76 by ensoniq for a darkwave hip hop groove

Description : 154 bpm ZR76 ensoniq drum machine, acapella by Brimaf is stark, futuristic and minimal but the recording is pretty nice and deep, nice subs, space music on effected drums, nice for halloween

Tracks 1 - 25 of 45
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