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15th Jan 2021 04:54 - 3 years ago
Description : My friend Caroline sent a meme into wayneradiotv's faxmas stream which, it seems, used up WAY too much black ink.
28th Oct 2019 16:53 - 4 years ago
Description : cymatics packs really are great huh
5th Sep 2019 07:01 - 4 years ago
Description : My remix of "Other Friends" from the Steven Universe movie. Electro swing!
15th Jan 2019 01:23 - 5 years ago
Description : thank mr dubstep
11th Aug 2018 00:14 - 5 years ago
Description : Here it is, the math dubstep you've hopefully been waiting for! Check my profile for Bandcamp and YouTube links to the EP.

Ballad of the Acid Rocker - 0:00
bangXbang - 3:18
Chipwars - 8:03
Ravens - 11:18
The New Style - 14:39

Loop credits:
Auver - drums, tracks 1, 2, 5; bass, tracks 2, 4
SikNoiz - drums, tracks 3, 4
SmokeNMirrors - bass, track 1
LankFrampard - bass, track 1
Kuesopop - bass, track 3
Avehnyl - bass, track 5
KnownAsn1 - vocals, track 2
9th Aug 2018 17:41 - 5 years ago
Tags :
Description : More math dubstep! The project has evolved into an EP, which I will be posting here when finished. This one isn't as complex as the first one I posted, as for the most part it just switches between 7/4 and 11/4.
6th Aug 2018 22:37 - 5 years ago
Tags :
Description : I am, once again, not dead! This one gets a bit weird, because it's math dubstep. 4/4 time can bite me, as I've thrown it out the window for this one. I thought it might sound cool, and as far as I can tell it certainly does. Ft. loops by Auver, Esdese, SmokeNMirrors, and franko75.
4th Oct 2017 07:05 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : I'm not dead! And I have a new MMMP dubstep soundpool! So I decided to make this out of it. What do ya think?
20th Jul 2017 06:42 - 7 years ago
Description : Theme for a planet in an RPG I'm making. I'm extremely proud of this one. Feedback is appreciated, if something's whacked I'll fix it.
15th Oct 2016 03:39 - 7 years ago
Description : Don't let your memes be dreams. I have a sneaking suspicion my headphones are dying on me, so if a bit of it is too bassy tell me and I'll tone it down for the YouTube release. Feat. loops by Avehnyl, OPC, Glebs, ZSB410, CorruptionEDM, DeadStarMusic, Mudchute, and Mastercode.
24th Jun 2016 19:55 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : So, I have only today before I'm going to be gone for eight weeks. During the last two weeks I've come to realize that I'm NOT going to be able to finish I Am The One in time, let alone all the videos and the YouTube/Soundcloud total release of my EP. So, in lieu of that, have a track I've been working on for a bit. I recently discovered Music Maker Jam, so I took the loops from the Brostep soundpool and mixed them to make this song. Hope you enjoy! Not going on the EP by the way, so it's free to download.
21st May 2016 19:42 - 8 years ago
Description : My remix of my own first EVER dubstep track! Powerful hard-hitting trapstep that I created because I finally wanted to redeem Raster in my own eyes. Fifth track on my I Am The One EP! Loop credits: thegibZy and azzykoOFFICIAL, and I used a sample from Katemade Designs. EDIT: Made some changes to the final mix. Fixed a few drums, added some more FX, and changed the vocal for the second drop.
27th Apr 2016 01:22 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : New track hot off the line, crafted and slotted into place for your listening pleasure! This'll be the third song on my I Am The One EP. Loop credits go to: Kuesopop, Evuz, ZSB410, Skeiz, Cyto, thegibZy, emkm999, starpyro, Mastercode, and Glebs! EDIT: Whoops, forgot to download-lock.
26th Mar 2016 16:39 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : First song on my new I Am The One EP! New mixing style, better drop, I basically learned a bunch from my last track. Still accepting advice and criticism!
Song will be download-locked until the EP is released, then you'll be free to download as you wish.

Loop credits: Evuz, thegibZy, emkm999, ZSB410, and Skeiz!
16th Mar 2016 02:44 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : My first track! I think it sounds really good, especially the drops.

Credits for loops:
Evuz, emkm999, Epidemix, Mudchute, djbuzz92, frogdude34, SikNoiz, Glebs, thegibZy, and Skeiz. Wow, that's a lot more than I thought.
Tracks (15)