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Description : I love this progression,but I personally can't fit it into any working project or build one around it. Maybe you can!Since I make music by ear I don't know the names of the chords. The root notes are BBGGEG though. And I put it at 128 bpm for you dance/dubstep guys!

Description : This is taken of one of my songs.Got rid of the top layer,drums,fx. Maybe you guys can find something to use this with!

Description : EQ'ed and mixed percussion plus bass and snare. Little reverb.

Description : dubstep beat at 140. Made in Fl Studio

Description : Crazy wobble at 140 bpm. Might need to EQ it a little bit.Heavy on the bass!

Description : 140 bpm

Description : For one of my new remixes. 126 bpm

Description : Idk. 140 BPM

Description : Very basic. Should go well with the side chained synth.

Description : 140 bpm. synth dancey thingy

Description : Flowing synths,reminds me of a bitter sweet ending. Made with Massive in Fl Studio.

Description : Use this to build the anticipation in your songs!

Description : Kinda trance sounding. I couldn't find a use for it

Description : 140 Bpm

Description : 140 Bpm
Originally for dubstep but again,can be used for anything.

Description : 140 Bpm
Guess it could be used for Dubstep or anything really.

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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