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Description : Just a normal gabber kick, still learning how to do hardcore stuff so I'll probably do more of these :)

Description : This actually came out way, way better than I expected it to. It would sound nice as a background in a track at certain points :)

Description : A compressed version of the arp =D

Description : This is the base synth. All others are modifications of it :3 Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this loop. If you use it, please show me the track :D I want to see how awesome it sounds.

Description : A more slowed down version from the 200BPM one, this one seems to be more suspense-like than the other one.

Description : I'm not sure if this does go in Ambient, I mean to me it sounds very ambient-like so I'll put it here. If it belongs in another genre, just tell me and I'll move it :)

Description : The same as the kick before, but has way more "grainy" sound to it.

Description : Basic straight hardcore drum.

Description : I originally was only going to do three synths in the Popcorn Tribute I was doing, however one of my friends asked me to make a Chiptune sounding variant on it. This edges more towards a C64 sound again :3

Description : If you haven't heard the track Popcorn, listen to it. Especially the one called Crushcorn by Peter Gutten (Achmed), they sound amazing, so I made 3 synths on the song. Hope you enjoy them ^_^

Description : The final synth to the tribute, this one has a little extra "oomph" to it for a rougher sound.

Description : Part 2, this version sounds like keys instead.

Description : A synth that sounds like it's creeping up . Great for suspense :3

Description : Another C64 Synth =D Double arpeggio action this time.

Description : A little spooky themed arp using the SNES soundchip. Came out pretty good I must say =D

Description : A little arp that sounds quite like the sound you would get out of the old retro Super Nintendo. I plan to do more of these as I get better at MIDI composing so hopefully I'll get to the point where I mix in some sounds with the arps ^_^.

Description : This loop proves that a mistake in FL Studio can actually create a nice gritty sounding drum. Enjoy ^_^

Description : I found my old old Commodore 64 laying in my attic and decided to try it out. Next to it was a box of old tapes used for it (Programs came on magnetic tapes back then). One of the tapes was something called Music Studio. The sound chip of the C64 was quit

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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