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Description : lil synth i worked on

Description : my vocals i threw away

Description : More boom bap stuff

Description : Silk state of heart strings like webs

Description : Lil baseline

Description : Running rapids cant calm

Description : booom bap for 2

Description : Boom Bap Madness

Description : Played these for a lil while thought of cloud rap

Description : Ulaanbaater pitched up on morphine vst

Description : bass boosted drums for grabs

Description : chopped version of my loop pain for

Description : Drums so good it make you wanna slap yo mama

Description : Do do dooooooo

Description : whoa nice keys man

Description : Lil vocals

Description : Heartfelt Keys so you can feel enchanted (I was playing kingdom hearts and this loop was playing in my head non stop)

Description : Yuh we in the park

Description : What stories will tell

Description : another rendition

Description : Them chords bruh check em out

Description : Chrome on my kicks

Description : Phantasma, they'll hex ya

Description : remix to the tuck it loop

Description : some chords that were playing in my head while playing undertale

Loops 1 - 25 of 50