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Description : I was stripping the vocals out of a song, and I found this distorted sound, so I started playing around with it.

Description : A hip hop drum loop with the essence of flames.

Description : The percussion I used on a track.
Can add flavour to just about any track you want to use it on.

Description : A melody I used in a track, and I thought I would Cher, Sonny.

*can you tell I had Chinese for lunch?*

Description : Your basic Just kickin it drum loop... in little Mexico.

Description : A dirty drum loop with "conga like" accents.

Description : A simple hard hitting drum track with some tremology and a touch of phaser thrown in.
(it created this really cool "thrusting" sound)

Description : Chillaxin' drum loop, with a tom tom melody in the background.

Description : I made this particular loop with "Fruity Loops".
It is actually a snippet I cut from a song of mine. By FAR not even close to my best work, but the first loop I came across that was sample free and gives an idea of my sound.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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