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Description : do whatever u want with this

Description : I would love to hear what u make with this.
Root notes C#-B-F#-F#-C#-F#-F#

Description : would love to hear your beats.

Description : would love to hear your beats made with this.

Description : this would work even on some edm.It's ur choice what u do with this.I would love to hear the outcome.

Description : I would like to hear the finished product.

Description : I would be happy to hear what are u cooking up.

Description : hope u like this
Send me the beats you make with this loop,would love to hear them

Description : Hope u like this

Description : this reminds me of the racks on rack song from lil pump

Description : Scale:C# minor harmonic
would love to hear your beats

Description : scale:F minor harmonic
Made with Ogun

You can send me your beats,I would be glad to hear them :)

Description : C maj loop,I hope you will enjoy this loop
Feel free to send me any of your work.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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