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Description : some arp chords made w zebra again
pitched up to +162

Description : brrbrr
ZEBRA pad preset at very low velocity

Description : serum preset is a dingueriiiiiiiiiiie

Description : some chords made with Flex Strung Space preset, the pad is looping if you add reverb and delay Loopermn team so don't reject again ahahahahaa... :)

Description : again some chords with serum awouwouuuw

Description : some 2chords made with a Serum Arp (what a wonderful vst)

Description : lil'chords made atm (loop is just pitched down at -397), nice day 'veryone

Description : some quick notes taped on my laptop at this bpm some lil'gift for this friday bos, have a nice day everyone

Description : othw chords are g# and d# from vst Monopoly (pads/strings)

Description : some chords made with Xpand 2

Description : some B chords pitched down to -864 and that's it ma boi, made with some pad from vst Sines

Description : some chords in D#
hope it can be useful in your creativity

Description : some Spire guitar preset. pretty dark, that's the beginning of something bo

the loop is just pitched down to -195

Description : Looperman, u rejected my last loop "Bluuscape" meaning it was different loops, You maybe want a screenshot to see it's only lowbass notes and grinding octaves just 4 times ? tsss this fckn site make me SIIIIICK.

that's ARP-PC-98 presets by Purity, that's ONLY CHORDS, you maybe want a screenshot too uh ? other guy made 10layers but it's ok cuz' it's Nightclub20x smeh. gonna create my own site I guess, or waiting for another cuz' hell yeh

loop is goot at 90bpm too

Description : Hello looperman team, that's only one preset from Astra, preset cop' on Slice "beat - Snug", just so that you know x)

Description : just some A# and F# notes, lil'swinglil'swing
Made with Astra vst and stuff cop'on Splice

and that's a Seq


Description : made with electrax, pitched down to -700,
at 9:40am this monday, woke up broke as always, with the desire to die, drink coffee, return to my cavern room, search for a fckn job, candidate to 2, and go back making music, it's my life like Bon Jovi said

Description : start at 9 1/2, when the reverse beginning hit up

Description : Some chords + lil'notes from Serum, hope you like it and yeeh it's been a while brotha & sista

Description : some 3notes played with Diva vst, thats trippy maaan, also it's my birthday today, love on you all music loverz

presets : CH Wutterbub from Twolegs lib'

Description : just some piano from Purity one more time

Description : juste some chords from Purity pitched down to -400

Description : Some bass notes from Triton VST, just a call for the outside

Description : Some Keys (wurlitzer) from a one shot pack, that's juuuicy like Mynthos

Description : Hello Hello ? Somebody reminds me ? I wasn't dead but my cpu.. yeh, that's another story :l
I'm back to give you some loops ma bo, follow me for more, and don't forget, luuv eachother in this industry

chords are : Bmin / F# pitched up to +129 and voil, and that's a pluck from electrax

Loops 1 - 25 of 219