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Description : some dark chords made with CreepyPiano, a lil'bit effect on it (change nothing really), and made a longer loop cuz it cut like shxt :l sorry..
Hope you can work with it

Description : Some chords and lil'notes from Sylenth Keyz (Skydrops), pitched down to -610 and voilààà

Description : some chords again played in D#, pitch it down to -800, soo I don't really know the key, On Tunebat it says that is G major sooo.. yeeh.
preset : Purple Lullaby from Flex

Description : chords reversed are pretty interesting, just the pitch at +100

Description : Some chords played in F#, with a Xpand2 pad, no modification on it except I pitch it down to -400

Description : Lil preset from Pigments one more tiiiime
I made it in D# but after workin on it it tells me its now F major

Description : Lil'arp from Hive, sounds like a drill/trap fr music I don't remember (im2high) but yeh, gift
C#5 and C#6 with Halftime on it

Description : luuv'

Description : used the "Key C80" on Astra and made that lil'stuff quickly, some hats groove coming to give a lil'vibe with it

Description : Lil' chords made with Hybrid Keyboard, hope it can help in your productivity

Description : Sweet pad from Pigments

Description : Some chords from Electrax, let me stay in my bubble

Description : some notes from an arp from "Hybrid" gonna play with this vst all day, new toy are fun/20
notes are F#4, C#5, E5 and go to G#5 at the end

Description : lil pad, I hear a doja cat on a melo like that

Description : simple/20

Description : some sweet chords from Sylenth, pitched down -200, a lil'bit of reverb on it and that's it

Description : Lil'Sequencer from a certain vst, sounds dark and vibey

Description : some chords made w/ Xpand, pitched down to -600, and there's some base for a guud shxt (i feel it)
good morning/journey to everyone ma boïs n girlz

Description : lil'pad from Hive, hope it can be useful in your creation ma boï

Description : lil stuff made with Kontakt, that's a guuuuud journey for our hero

Description : Some chords made with a Kontakt pad, pitched down -500 and voilà the result. Can be used as a lil'ambiance for a sad or stoning shxt

Description : Some notes made in AnalogLab with a Bellpad, sounds like this game. likeit

Description : some chords from Kontakt

Description : I'm a shxt.

Description : Lil chords made with a pad from Electrax, weird shxt but sounds kinda cool too, for a $uicideboy$ stuff maybe

Loops 1 - 25 of 189
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