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Description : Merry Christmas to yall and this was from a beat i scrapped

Description : I made this yesterday. At first it was for a trap beat but I think it sounds more of a house type beat.

Description : Dark choir vibes

Description : Go nuts with this.

Description : It's been a minute since I've posted here But what's up. This can be used as like an outro or something.

Description : Battle type beat

Description : Remade from Icejjfish's Hold On Song

Made a bit different cuz I just went off memory instead of checking.

Description : Used a bit of compression for a tighter sound.

Description : Chill icytwat loop

Description : This loop is a bit of Trap and EDM

Description : Made this with slow bell arp that reminds me of a baby melody or something

Description : Made this for a bump but I wanted to share it.

Description : This loop feels childish, hope usable though.

Description : For a beat I ended up not making.

I added a tad bit of EQ to the kick and snare to give it a more hollow sound.

Description : Let me know if you were able to do anything with this (or don't it don't matter to me too much)

Description : Did something like the Dream Synth again.

Description : Not the blue alien looking things!

I was trynna make it sound more real but I didn't know how.

Description : Can anyone give me any tips on making boom bap beats?

Description : A lil some some.

Description : Some Soft Electronic type synth or whatever.

Description : Made some strings for a beat but I changed my mind and just made the strings.

Description : Used this thing and made this thing.

Now post your thing... wait no I mean beat...

Description : This is for a guy from the first loop.

Description : A lil trap but for you guys and girls.
Funny story, I got caught lacking for my math test in class today (-_-)

Description : A chiptune styled loop. Comment what you made if you wanna.

Loops 1 - 25 of 62
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