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Praying for rain.
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Description : It sounds industrial-ish to me, so that's where I put it. I fiddled with it a bit before I uploaded it and it works as 4 bars at 120bpm pretty easily, too. (I think.)

Description : Synth loop in F#. (Same lick as the bass in 011B.)

Description : A bass loop in F#. (The same lick as the synth in 011C.)

Description : Taking another shot at hip hop.

Description : Simple synth line with some delay and filtering. It's in D.

Description : An attempt at hip-hop and goes with my next loop "010 4-4 94bpm". Interested to hear if any thing's done with it.

Description : 2 bars of drum loop with delay and the third bar is the delay trailing off. (Just in case you wanted that.)

Description : 4 bars of a simple breakbeat made from something else i had made. The second 2 bars have a delay.

Description : this would be my first attempt at a hip hop beat... make sure to tell me if it sucks.

Description : 2 bars of 4-4. 90bpm.

Description : I am not sure, exactly, whether this is 120bpm or a really busy 60. (If anyone could tell me, I'd love to know.) Anyhow, have fun, chop it up, whatever you want. Please tell me if you use it, though, and maybe let me have a listen at the finished product.

Description : This is the tail end of 003 4-4, i chopped it off of the other part to keep the file size down.

Description : One bar of 4/4, it's in C. (i'm pretty sure.)

Description : This is mostly just here for criticism. I would love to hear that someone made use of it, but it's probably a little too basic. I haven't been doing this long, so any tips or anything like that would be appreciated.

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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