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Description : just something from an old drill beat, pretty versatile tho

Description : drake and 40 nothing was the same type track, could work for anything tho, good outro possibly

Description : emo guitar

Description : another one here

Description : from an old song i was making

Description : a mark 2 of my fav loop, chill out, ambient rnb type

Description : could be chill buts its weird so could go crazy on it too. made on my old electonic organ

Description : Changed the instrument or anyone looking for a different type sound.

Description : Another one?

Description : An old one

Description : Just a fun thing i did with my brother, comment if you want it in another sound

Description : Last one XDDD just clearing my old loops

Description : one more lofi

Description : Old loop I made

Description : Another one I made

Description : Was just learning to make lofi type pianos

Description : Was just mucking around with a mate and came up with this...

Description : My first loop...

Loops 1 - 18 of 18