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Description : ganggang

Description : electrax pad reversed and tons of efx

Description : reversed and pitched up some chords

Description : reversed they sound abit like toosie slide type

Description : suh dude

Description : for what is thies field?

Description : lmk what you made with it

Description : some dark bellpads

Description : omnisphere still the best

Description : made with electrax

Description : made with omnisphere and lots of effects

Description : let me hear if u use it

Description : just pitched down a high trumpet melody

Description : made with simple keys and reverb...second part could be ref...for midis click profile

Description : made with a bunch of Fx's and Pads

Description : reversed pad from omnisphere

Description : simple drumloop with some bouncy 808

Description : bounce! check my profil:))

Description : some vibey chords...lmk what u made out of this...

Description : lots of bells with halfspeed

Description : made with a lot of OZ's Sounds.

Description : reminds me of war... Omnisphere Pad with tons of effects

Description : wierd sounding sound. contact via instagramm

Description : dirty af..would love to hear your on my profile!

Description : would love to hear what u did with my profil!

Loops 1 - 25 of 101