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Description : protools, EastWest choirs, a slow a capella romantic, pastoral choir piece in A flat minor. I hope you like my music and please let me know if you use it. I welcome your comments and would love to work on any of your film projects . Thanks for listening.

Description : protools, east west choir, the title says it all, very dramatic, cult like, pulsating, imagine sitting around a huge fire and dancing, fast 6 beats per measure, D minor, give a listen and hope you like it. if you use it would you contact me and use my name

Description : protools, east west piano, romantic, love lost feel, G minor eventually resolves to D minor, this loops works for that distant, sad moment , better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.

Description : protools, east west choirs, dramatic, this was inspired by a painting I saw in San Francisco art museum, very steamy god from Greek Myth. The piece is in A flat minor and has 3 beats in a measure. Would work well to make a strong statement. Hope you like it, if you use it in a project all I ask is you give me credit on the project.

Description : protools, VSL and east west string, and Goliath, this is the title of a short story by Poe, and even reading it in the morning scared me to death. Scary background sets a stage of deception and horror. Let me know if you like it, this loop could work for an extended scene. Imagine being entombed ALIVE.

Description : protools, VSL and east west strings, dark, scary, fantasy, great way to climax. Hope this might add a startling moment to a project, I was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Hope to hear from you and Thanks for listening.

Description : protools, VSL and east west strings, positive, uplifting, this is the accompaniment to Angelic Choir, there are a few beats of silence but that is to make it easier add to the choir track. Let know if you liked it and did you use it separately or with the choir. Thanks

Description : protools, east west choirs, fantasy, uplifting, positive feelings. A minor and B flat major. I am uploading the string accompaniment on a separate upload. Hope you like it, please let me know what you think or how you will use it.

Description : protools with east west choir tenors, altos and sopranos, dramatic, fantasy, key is A minor, B flat major, E minor. Hope you like it. Your opinion matters.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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