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Description : from project amargedon

Description : from project Armageddon.

Description : bass laughter from project amargeddon

Description : some amazing harps from the project armageddon

Description : mixed choir and harps from project Armageddon

Description : from project amrgeddon

Description : nice choir loop from the amargeddon project

Description : from project Armageddon. wably bass

Description : loop project 2_1 here is a trance fast track

Description : some str and pica violin melody from the project Dedication

Description : from the project dedication, brass horns and violins with a single female choir

Description : simple drums with some effects as it
has even s sheep sound in it. lol

Description :

Description : male and female choir singing one, in different keys.

Description : very nice uplifting violins by yours truly, DextDee

Description : smooth high strumming

Description : small set of female choir! by yours truly, DextDee

Description : dope drums mixed with bells and whistle

Description : all the flex loops are from the project "flex it"

Description :

Description : i am not sure this thing is supposed to be in fx but well, it's ok
some nice subtle bells

Description : some layered dirty bass and a synth. actually it is the synth that makes it dirty, the bass supports the synth. enjoy

Description : a longer arp saw, like those sounds in them lively Rnb tracks. enjoy

Description : a 16 bit sound just for u to enjoy and play with.
it is in hip hop because that is what i intend to make the full beat in

Description : some nice short aps

Loops 101 - 125 of 267
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