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  1. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Tue 28th Apr 2015 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Learning new master technique by L0neW0lf

    Not bad at all. Nice pronounced lows, the highs don't make my ears bleed (always a good sign) drums are nice and punchy. It's very squashed, which I guess is normal for dubstep. It seems you sacrificed dynamic range for that incredible level of loudness. Just remember that speakers only have a dial for one of those things.
    Not having a go at you, just putting it out there.

  2. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 25th Feb 2015 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Lovin It by Spivkurl

    Dog Gamnit I will never get sick of your music.

    I'm never sure how or even if I should critique your music, it's so unique to me that I don't think I could give any reasonable input. I do like this very much though and am definitely downloading this for future listening. It's minimalistic yet very upfront and it sort of forces your attention, which I seem to struggle with when working with minimalism. The sounds all work together beautifully and are very clean so great job on the mix and master.

    Great song! Thanks for sharing it.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey friend, thank you for listening! No need to critique if you don't feel the inspiration to do so. It is enough that you liked it and downloaded it! I'm happy that you hear the minimal nature in here, as it really is a lot less orchestrated than my recent stuff. For some reason, when I start out with a house sort of song idea, it always ends up lending itself to a vocal track, and often inspires me to write lyrics. I really appreciate the feedback!

  3. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Thu 22nd Jan 2015 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Taking Two by Spivkurl

    Ahh yes I remember seeing "Breaking Blue" on your blog not long ago. Sounds like a pretty cool little synth, got some great noises coming out of that thing.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks for taking a listen to this one! Had a lot of fun limiting my sound source. To quote Kosmo Kramer - "I really enjoy depriving myself of things." Sometimes it's nice to design sounds with no thought of computers or MIDI sequences, and just see what happens with the sounds. Appreciate the comment!

  4. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 14th Jan 2015 - 7 years ago
    Commented on New Old Groove by WongKiShoo

    Dog Gambit George, not again. :/

    Jks, this is great. Nice vintage synths and disco-esque drums. I especially liked 1:48-2:08. I also feel like this would do really well with some vocals.

    Peace mo sucka

  5. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Lay of the land Ft Minette Ft Billydragon1 by HLOWE

    I love when electric guitar and piano is used together, it's like a perfect balance of organic/elegance and power/abrasiveness. Vocals work well too, excellent track.

    Reply by HLOWE


  6. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Kreep by Neuro

    This is so cool! Excellent drumming. :)

    Reply by Neuro


  7. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Mon 3rd Nov 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Cathedral by 15ludwicke

    Nice track man.

    I feel like you need to chuck a low-pass filter or something on those kicks that start at 0:30, they're pretty deep which is nice but i feel they've still got a little too much high-end considering the other instruments playing at that point are also pretty deep. But other than that, this is great!

    You said you're looking for vocals but there's an arp that comes in at 3:10 where the higher parts already sound kinda like vocals, and could deffinitely be used as vocals with the right EQ'ing (don't know if you've heard "Pets" by Deadmau5, but if you have, I imagine it'd sound something like the "vocal sounds" in that).

    Also the drumming from 1:32 to 2:15 caught my attention, those snares are pretty cool so good job.

    anyway, that's all from me. Keep up the awesome work! :D


  8. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Sun 2nd Nov 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Retrospect by GramoChopin

    Damn this makes me want to get back into D&B. It's got a great atmosphere, bass is pretty solid, the drumming is awesome (but i'm hoping it'll pick up a bit more). Not sure how close this is to being finished so I don't think theres much advise I could give but I do like where this is going.

    Also I respect the whole "giving each track your all" thing, it takes a lot of self-discipline to do that but the music usually ends up being much better so good on you. Can't wait to hear the finished product.

    Peace. LIS

    Reply by GramoChopin

    Do it man, I'm starting to really get into it again. Definitely my fav genre right about now. I would love to hear more dnb(jungle too) from other members on here. The drums will have a heavy amount of tweaks done, the track is still in progress. So this was more or less a teaser. Thanks for checking this one bro, appreciate it! peace


  9. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 10th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Sumassun - WIP by RampatheSwift

    Maybe I have a strange taste in music or something but I didn't find this cheesey at all. It's good, I like it. Those drums are pretty sweet too.

    Reply by RampatheSwift

    Haha cheers. I guess i find the guitar and main melody happy sounding so i say its cheesy in a sense that i can't help but smile/laugh when i hear it. The drums are actually from loop i found on this site!

  10. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 10th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Dirty Bass by saidrodas

    Those really deep "ghost" kicks are nice and make the track a lot more interesting, but I think you should turn them down a little bit so they play more in the back of your head, just to make them a little less noticable (it's really cool when you get them to the point that the listener can't tell if it's actually there or not).

    Other than that though this is an excellent track man! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Reply by saidrodas

    i try to make the best i can, and thank's man your welcome :D

  11. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 10th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Disintegration by steve010101

    Love it. 0:00-0:26 sounds really clean and natural compared to the rest of the track so I feel like you should have a similar thing to that play again in the middle somewhere. The bass and kick sound great but do my head in after a while, So I think you should bring that first part in again just to give the listener a short break from it.

    But yeah, great track. Probs the best i've heard all morning.

    Reply by steve010101

    I changed the track up a bit since your comment, so hopefully it flows a bit better now. Thanks for listening.


  12. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 10th Sep 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Mind In Dreamland by Bazemore

    Very nice sounds, I love me some DnB.

  13. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Wed 3rd Sep 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on work in progress by marco90

    Pretty damn awesome! I think it'd be cool to have the drums from around 1:33 onwards to be played in double-time, I dunno just a thought.
    This kicks ass though so great work.

  14. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on Je taime - I love You by RenzWilde

    This is cool! I like the retro-ish synth. Sounds great turned up really loud! :D

    Reply by RenzWilde

    Hey, thx for the listen LIS :) Appreciate the comment!

  15. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Sun 22nd Jun 2014 - 7 years ago
    Commented on blinded by drmistersir

    That first part, the very first thing you hear when you press the play button and then continues to play until 00:50. Whatever it is it either needs serious filtering or just needs to be turned down in the mix. It sounds ok through speakers but with headphones it is actually quite painful. Other than that, everything else is good. The drums in particular are pretty cool.

  16. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Thu 15th May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Circles Never Open by Mosaic

    Urgh I feel so frustrated for you. X3
    You did a good job of the music but again it's the vocals that are letting this down, I think they're not synced right or something? I don't know. But if you get them to fit perfectly; you sir will have a really nice track on your hands! But yeah the syncing is honestly the only negative thing I can say about this. Everything else is good. :)

    Reply by Mosaic

    Hi mate

    Thank you for feedback, been frustrating track to get right, guessing more so as it is not my referred genre to do, so all new to me, going to look at adding some delay to vocals when get chance when not at work as suggested by Crucethus, hopefully will make the difference, fingers crossed anyways, agree it is a nice piece, fairly catchy I think, considering amount of samples used to make it, Thanks once again mate...Pleased you enjoyed mostly...Peace Mosaic...

  17. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Tue 13th May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Beat 1 by 40A

    Pretty dope track man. I like it's creepy little vibe, and that dusty-record type noise I think I hear playing. And lol I hope you were exaggerating in the description about making this when you were 13, coz i'm like 6 years older than that and am still only making music that's about as well planned out as the title.

    Also your drunk/drinking Kirby profile pic is killing me. :3

  18. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Mon 12th May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on TheRiot504 and The LooperMan Community - Work as 1 by TheRiot504

    Very nice track! I feel like this is like an advertisement or something rather than a song (I mean that in a good way).

    It changes quite frequently and dramatically so rather than it feeling like one song, it sorta feels like a small compilation as if to say "this is what the Looperfam is capable of!!!" :D

    If you or someone was able to make an extended version of this with even more Looperman users involved it would make an awesome lil' something to play on the homepage!

    Reply by TheRiot504

    Thanks :D I tried to make it sound like a mix to make people see that its many loops that many people made. :P I actually plan on making a community song at least once a month because I had so much fun making this one. :)

  19. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Sat 10th May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on 15 Minutes Isnt All We Can Have by Emolyte

    While I like the composition and lyrics to this song, it could be mixed better. It's very "loud" and starts to deteriorate/go fuzzy in the choruses (e.g. 0:50-1:06), however that can be fixed quite easily. Also I feel like this would benefit from having backup vocals in some parts, like the second half of each verse for example, but that's just me.

    Anyway, that aside, I really enjoyed this song! It's just a few small tweaks away from being something professional.

    Reply by Emolyte

    ill go thru it again when i have good headphones to really fine tune in some stuff, and i might add some more vocals.

    Thanks for stopping by and giving your input :)

  20. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Thu 8th May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Sweetest Sin by Mosaic

    Pretty cool song man. When the music picked up around 1:14, that was pretty cool. The guitars owned the track in both a good and bad way for me.
    I mean, the music is great but something about the vocals seem a little off but I can't put my finger on why that is.

    So yeah, hella great music, but I personally would prefer to listen to this without the vocals.

    Reply by Mosaic

    G'day Fellow Aussie

    Thank you for stopping by and giving me some feedback, agree track does sound good without vocals too, have a copy of each going up onto my own web site tomorrow, maybe on the vocals, technically not a rock vocal as such but thought worked well with this track so used it to give track fullness, if you know what I mean, wrapped way track turned out considering trance is my main genre I do...Head your way tomorrow mate...Peace n Respect dude...Mosaic...

  21. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Thu 1st May 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Way Beyond Wrong by StaticNomad

    Hey just me again.

    It's funny you said you're glad you didn't release stuff earlier. Because I once put up a demo EP on YouTube and Soundcloud not long after I started getting more involved in music. At the time I thought the EP was cool but I took it down a few days ago coz looking back on it, it was truly terrible and I can't believe I ever thought those monstrosities were worthy of being in public space. I wish I had never even posted them in the first place, haha.

    Also, I too use a fixed-tempo sequencer which makes it very difficult to play around with tempo, and I too would like to add a little more tempo variation to my tracks. I think being able to vary tempos would work well for you though, especially if you're making songs like this, where the music is constantly shifting in and out of different genres.

    Anyway, I'd like to listen to more of your music but you have quite a lot on here. Are there any of your tracks in particular that you would either want me to listen to or avoid at all costs?

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Sorry for the late, late reply. Wanted to make it good.

    Fixed tempo:

    What I need is almost certainly Ableton Live. With Cubase (also running Reason simultaneously) I have the big problem of not having the audio as elastic audio where the sequencer can just change the tempo and everything remains in time. Ableton is the one if it really does function as I've been told but I can't really be bothered to switch though I should progress beyond this fixed tempo problem sometime. Could make my stuff sound just like a live band with all their tempo nuances.

    My compositional method is based around needing to move any part anywhere in a piece. So, I can't have a 12 BPM tempo change, record guitar at that tempo and then realise I'd rather hear that part earlier in a track section which is playing 20 BPM slower. I basically just play instruments over a good looped section and then make more and more sections out of what I get. And that's why it's fixed tempo.

    If I were going to have all these tempo changes, I'd have to plan them all out beforehand ie fully compose the structure and arrangement in advance. And that's not how I work (because I don't have that sort of organised imagination). I jam and see what I get and then do interesting things with those parts and add more and so on.

    I know what you mean about putting terrible stuff online. I've never put anything awful up though I have put many things up that I've since hugely improved.

    Probably only a couple of my tracks on Looperman to avoid (because I can make them much better and haven't worked on them in years).

    No particular ones I need you to listen to though 28 Levels Above Top Secret is a pretty stunning journey through 9 squillion sounds and riffs.

    And A Month Of Mondays has received very little attention.

    Otherwise, check out whatever you like. I still think most of them don't sound much like anyone else. And I mean anyone at all, not just people uploading to this site. Not the best music ever made (whatever that is) but a unique body of work, I'd say. In my hugely biased opinion...

    Thanks again for the interest.

  22. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Tue 29th Apr 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Way Beyond Wrong by StaticNomad

    Wow, it's no wonder you won that comp man, you've got some serious skill.
    I loved every second of this track, it just constantly evolved itself to cover so many different genres whilst still maintaining a certain feel and style.
    I really don't know what else to say, it's amazing.

    If you ever released a physical album (or maybe you already have? I don't know) I would most definitely buy it.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Hi. Thanks for the praise and interest in my music. Quite a few people on the site have asked about downloading my stuff or buying it or when I'm going to release an album and so on.

    No, I 've never released anything but am working hard(ish) on changing that and have been assembling some 8-10 albums for the past couple of years. A couple are nearly ready to go except for proper mastering and artwork. Then I'll probably just release them for free on a site such as Bandcamp.

    I just keep putting it off as I fiddle with mixes as I'm improving all the time and have made great leaps in the last couple of years after getting a much faster PC and great drum software (Superior Drummer). And I've got much better at using EQ and mixing in general. I'm glad I didn't release anything a few years ago as I've improved all of it.

    "it just constantly evolved itself to cover so many different genres whilst still maintaining a certain feel and style"

    You make a good point. There are a number of things I do to achieve this. First, all my tracks are fixed sequencer tempo. I could spend a while talking about the drawbacks and that I would like to have more tempo variations but would probably need a sequencer such as Ableton Live to make that happen. Anyway, it can also be a real benefit as it means that any audio material can be shifted to anywhere else and will remain in time.

    Despite the fixed tempo, I do a lot of either double or half time drum stuff in my tracks. So, hip hop gets double timed into d'n'b or swing jazz or whatever.

    I work very closely with every instrument and make changes and try to spin as much as I can out of each part. I change one or two elements in the track while keeping others the same as this helps ease one section into the next. The main bassline in this starts off being presented as hip hop, with jazzy acoustic drumming adding the jazz feel and then d'n'b drums (double time funk drumming) playing over that same hip hop bassline (which is now played on a classic house bass synth sound).

    The second (fast) metal section features the same sax playing as before but put through different delays to make it more frenetic to fit the uptempo heavy vibe. I just keep recycling elements throughout the track as I try out applying different effects to them.

    Not sure if that explanation helped or made much sense but these things take a lot of words to describe. And there's a 3,000 character limit so I can't do it all here and now.

    Thanks again for the interest.

  23. LivingInSilence
    LivingInSilence on Sat 26th Apr 2014 - 8 years ago
    Commented on Relaxing In The Cut Ft 6 Looperman MCs by StrikingDaggers

    Gave a listen to the three tracks you added to that "unique song competition" thing. I liked all three but this one stuck out the most for me. It has a really nice melody to it and everyone's vocals work so well. I like how every time another MC comes in they bring a new style/flavour to the track without breaking the overall flow and feeling of it.

    Reply by StrikingDaggers

    Thanks LivingInSilence, I really appreciate checking out all three tracks.

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