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Description : I realized I don't have enough radio-friendly/commercial style tracks under my belt. Time to do something about that. Also shout out to Kyle Monroe for his awesome vox!

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Description : Been working on this hardcore for the past two weeks, although 'twas a bit on/off due to my new addiction to the Silent Hill games as well as @WongKiShoo's shenanigoats (Goddamnit George!). Ignore the weird deep blocky noises that shouldn't be there, I swear Looperman downsamples songs heaps and causes the subs to do that, I don't have that problem on other music sites. I Never ended up finding a full acapella but thanks to @Hektor_Thillet I did manage to at least get SOME good vox. This was a fun one though so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


Oh, also the soft ending with the arps is to transition into my other song "Klokwerk" when I finally compile an EP. :)

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Description : Thought it'd be cool to have an abbrassive house track with gritty bass that claws it's way into your headspace, then just drops straight into something more trance (I think the title describes it pretty well). Thanks @steelyvibe for the lyrics that, with a slight tempo change and effects, managed to fit perfectly despite the song already being near completion! :D


Description : In the process of completely reinventing myself. Slowly collecting modular synths allowing me to switch from digital to a more gritty analogue sound. Also taking my love of sound experimentation to a new level, building little mechanisms to embed a new steampunk-ish sound signature into my music. Enjoy.

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4