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Description : I'm back bitches..

Tags : | Pop | 5.53 MB | FL Studio

Description : no place like home..

Description : This must be one of the most unusually satisfying tracks i've ever produced..I wanted to release my vocals here as an acapella then started playing around and then i don't even know what genre to put it in.

Description : Redid the vocals on a higher tempo ..from my original

Tags : | Pop | 4.15 MB | FL Studio

Description : I like this acapella of i came up with a ghost mix for it..

Description : Sang this to this chilled hop instrumental by Beatowski on Utube..
Acaeplla is up

Tags : | Soul | 4.40 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Sang this to U tube Instrumental Beat called Youth by Pacific

Description : Messing around with my own vocals here on a raw glitchy beat that I created..y? I dunno..just coz
Acapella is up

Tags : | Trap | 4.40 MB | FL Studio

Description : Lyrics and Vocals 2nick8
Music by Itsallrisky..
Acapella is up

Description : Playing around with my acapella. Created a beat arrangement along with some ambient loops.
Pobably needs a piano accompaniment as well , but hey what do i know about music...?

Tags : | Trap | 6.26 MB | FL Studio

Description : Redone my original song to this Utube instrumental by Didker Producer (and Phily ASAP collab) titled Fearless. Testing the mix and vocals..

Tags : | Trap | 5.95 MB | FL Studio

Description : Quite different from my original. Lyrix and vocals 2nick8
Instrumental Track called "Sleep" by Mors
Check out my Youtube Lyric Music video for this track too search the title above by 2nick8

Description : My acapella is up..

Tags : | Pop | 4.20 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Sang this to a Utube instrumental Titled freestyle by LionRiddims

Description : A new take on one of my favourite compositions.
Guitar Music by Ryini Beats

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.38 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sang this to a utube backing instrumental.
Acapella Upped
Check out my lyric music video on YouTube
Search Angels 2nick8

Description : My version of this beautiful song.demo track with an acoustic beat if you wanna collab with some acoustic guitar and soft pads..My acapella is up too.cheers. Nick

Description : Now this is a big Bum Swayer. I've got a my vocals, basic beat bassline and a phasing synth done. If you have some ideas i'm all ears..

Tags : | Pop | 8.55 MB | FL Studio

Description : New mix for my vocals

Description : Just a fun track i'm workin acapella is up as well.

Description : From my acapella and beat..

Description : U can jump in on this slower and funkier version..added synth..i dunno why

Description : just havin some fun...u can add stuff if you want i'll probably be adding more vocals.

This vocal is on my acapella page

Tags : | Indie | 5.04 MB | FL Studio

Description : Inspired by DJ Jomy Instrumental for my original acapella.

Vocals by me.
Music DJJomy

Description : Vocals and all other music 2nick8
Guitar 80pbm instrumental by Ryini Beats

Tracks 1 - 25 of 50
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