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Tags : | Electronic | 7.44 MB | Featured

Description : Mixed together some loops from here for this track created using Music Maker

Tags : | Jungle | 3.99 MB

Description : I try to explore all the electronics style... this time i went to say hello to Mrs Jungle :) Hope you will enjoy it ^^ it looks like bugge wesseltoft for those who know him. Is "Jungle jazzy" already exist? lol

Tags : | Dance | 8.23 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : "You Sexy Or No?" has that spicy hot club, dance, jungle and EDM flavor with an

accent of Latin spices. This is a fun song! Great for dancing and working out!

Description : The wild warrior.
In a mysterious chilling EBM mix.
In this unusual song I didn't use loops, only VST's.
The total wacky WHOOO, for the Jungle alarm flute. It really has a totally funky interface.
Then even the Revolta2, Tethys2 and MT Powerdrumkit2.
And underneath, sounds from Robotar.
Mixed with Spinner and KeroVee and some more FX stuff.
And on top of it a little singing, by myself.
Again the question arises.
What is the name of this style or genre?
But more important, of course, is that you like it.
Comments are sure welcome.
Enjoy the music and dance like a wild warrior

Tags : | Deep House | 7.99 MB

Description : ibalz- what you here for
my second remix of this song.. 110bpm dubstep/house fusion type with jungle beat wobble bass please comment my best remix to date also check out my first attempt

Description : Fairly certain I obtained the breakbeat from this site (drum track reads "untitled (master)" & I can't locate original file). I'll contribute some samples to this site in the near future. I'm currently/ usually on the lookout for ill mc's to work with. Any DJs out there can hit me up for custom intros (anything from hip hop to drum and bass/jungle) in exchange for a shout out on your playlist

Description : After a long hiatus, I'm back with a jungle style song with deep house elements. Hope you guys like my comeback song!

Tags : | Trap | 4.19 MB

Description : 808,trap,subbass,jungle,dark,tribal,voodoo,triplet.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.88 MB

Description : choped and mixed hip hop beat i used haidarjasem starkit drum loop and panos1995555 angry ensemble
bass piano loop and centrist olympus piano soft paino loop

Description : This song, built around suspense and elegance, fuse to make an exciting song. This is a preview later to be fully released. Your opinion is greatly appreciated!

Description : A song I made using FL 11 and some Loops from Looperman page.


Description : Here is the final version of 'Jungle Rumble' which I renamed to Jungle Hex. I added an ending, re mastered it, and remixed it. All the samples came from you guys here at looperman.
The Jungle Rumble version is free to download. let me know what you came up with.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 9.34 MB

Description : Edgy dark jungle intro escorts you to the stepping drumz until the darkness subsides and the rhodes and strings merge with the vocal chords n the bass movements.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.10 MB

Description : I really didn't expect to come up already with the second track after a long break. It seems I had a strong urge to compose some music in these last few days. This one is probably quite weird mixture of different styles like ambient, jungle, electronica and quite evident jazzy punctuations...but still not so weird to put it under that category. I think the general feel still points to the soundworld of ambiental music and at the end of the day it really doesn't matter...it's just music...and it's made 100% from scratch (no loops or samples used). Oh, and good news is it's much shorter than the previous one...so why not give it a try.:)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.20 MB

Description : I have to give thanks to Pokerface06 for the loop used in this one. Hope you enjoy.

Description : All samples from you guys.
Download it, do what you want to it!

Description : Feat. Jak Wilks...WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE CLUB BANGER!!

Description : The mysteries of the jungle possess a great danger for those that walk blindly in tall grass. You may not see or hear it, but they smell your fear. These are the eyes of the serpent. Trying to take you out before you know what hit you.

Tribal music with a distinctive jungle atmosphere. Unusual intruments like the Chinese Gong and the Arabian Darabuka combined with the Armenian Duduk ensures a unique and quite rare sound. Explore the unknown.

For more tracks made by Infragilis

Tags : | Electronic | 4.24 MB

Description : Minimal tribal electro.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.39 MB

Description : I wanted to make a powerful jungle Orchestral piece. This is what I came up with-
I also felt I needed to flex my voice more- and really try new things-(hence rapping and all kinds of random shit Ive been doing) I figured somethings droning would actually help get myself accustomed to singing this way. Definitely gunna keep trying.

Description : This is something like Nu-Jungle.Comments appreciated.Im working with Logic Pro 9, Mackie Mr5 Monitors and Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 soundcard. I would like to work with singers/songwriters.

Description : Jungle track just waitin for a vocal collab. More tracks at https://soundcloud.com/highgradeselectaz

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.93 MB

Description : dark drum n bass with some jungle. i try to keep things scary always. tempo is up. beats are pumping.

Tags : | Jungle | 3.61 MB

Description : Welcome to the Jungle. Just various percussions blended together with an intermittent beat that fills in and fills out. A lot of them are congo slaps with other assorted percussion accompanies. Check out towards the end where I briefly have them all running at the same time (scope is louder). To my own surprise it actually sounds pretty good, but I guess it's an acquired taste.

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