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Tags : | House | 3.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hey guys, this one is another electronic/progressive house tune. This one was made from another song I recently made "Paradise". Its basically the whole song reversed with some filter automation on it. I'm happy with the result(it sounds very deadmau5-ish). I plan on making it longer when I get some more time off of work. Let me know what you think of it thus far. Thanks for stopping by.

Description : Only used standard FL studio plugins for this one believe it or not. Been experimenting on some new sounds, please leave comments on what I can do better! song is not complete and is only an experiment. kind of went for a deadmau5 vibe

Tags : | Electro | 4.15 MB | FL Studio

Description : this is my new song finished hope you like it

its a kind of deadmau5 track

vocal comes from steklo
pls leave a comment what you think of it

Description : remade with logic pro x presets

Tags : | House | 9.57 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Melting Caf del mar and Deadmau5 styles together in my mind.

Tags : | House | 7.16 MB

Description : First Remix, feedback is appreciated

Tags : | House | 6.41 MB

Description : Remember that song I worked on with asidRn? This is before he fucked around with it. Kinda Deadmau5 sounding. Enjoy

Tags : | Dance | 5.16 MB

Description : more Beyonce? samples with a deadmau5 synth hook courtesy MysteriousManiac

Tags : | Electronic | 9.20 MB

Description : I had to do a project for my High School band class on a piece we worked on, so I made a remix of it, replacing all of the instruments with synths and such. The piece is October by Eric Whitacre, a modern composer, Not deadmau5, I know, I like his song a lot too.

Description : Some inspiration from "Deadmau5 - The Veldt"

I would be glad to find some vocals to put on it, so if you guys have recommandations or anythings it would be awesome :)

Description : Deadmau5 - All I Had (Remake) :)

Tags : | House | 6.40 MB | Colab Request

Description : Inspired by DEADMAU5? Not really unless you count the name. Definitely has it's roots in modern British alternative music. Genre is: alternative progressive house. Built with positivity in mind so apologies if you see any melancholy. Constructive feedback along with harsh criticism and trolling welcome. Enjoy! UPDATE: White noise courtesy of exfain added. Improvements suggested by Tumbleweed added, new drummer track added. A slightly older version was used to remix Dylan Young's: America. This track can make many songs sound lively.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.39 MB

Description : Piano Cover of Bleed by Deadmau5.
Uploading a track after a very long time.

Tags : | House | 8.97 MB

Description : This started out as a song called Alchemy Studies that asidRn sent to me. Then it took the form of a Deadmau5 song. That's the one I uploaded (then deleted) a few days ago. Then asidRn made it more of a deadmau5 song. Such progressive, much chill. wow. Enjoy

Tags : | House | 1.15 MB | Featured

Description : Deadmau5 - Right this second Lead

Tags : | House | 4.33 MB | Colab Request

Description : Sounds like deadmau5!

Description : Need help with this, very noob. Originally wanted to play cover of Right This Second by Deadmau5 but ended up with this. Since original want to make it better. Only software used, Garageband 11' V 6.0.5 (not the latest version) apple loops used, only keyboard play is my original work. Let me know if you want version without apple loops. I don't log in that often.

Tags : | Trance | 7.01 MB

Description : Progressive Trancey, deadmau5 style synth track made with reason 4 2012. Could perhaps post in deep house but trance should cover it.

Tags : | Electro | 8.76 MB

Description : New Track With A Lil Bit Of That Deadmau5..Feed Me..Daft Punk Influence in Me ENJOY !

Tags : | House | 6.10 MB

Description : Name-Connection.Genre-Progressive,House,Electro.
Created on Ableton Live.

Worked hard on this project and I think it really payed off well.Damn happy with the outcome of the song.I have given a lot of attention to the mastering of the track.
I think it's perfect for Clubs and Night Drives and also for mashups!
Hope y'all will like and plz plz comment and give feedback.
So much inspired by Deadmau5's progressive works...

Tags : | House | 6.37 MB | Featured

Description : This is a progressive house track that was produced in 3 hours.

I wouldn't say this is similar to deadmau5 but if you think so then please comment below.

I made this track using FL Studio 11.

Tags : | Electro | 5.07 MB

Description : a little song i put together inspired by aural psynapse by deadmau5

Tags : | House | 2.29 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Based on Deadmau5's "Ghosts N Stuff" I played around with the organs alot and the bass lines, still needs abit of tweaking but hope you enjoy :)

Tags : | House | 4.13 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : Happy Technology (The Veldt - Official Pre-Mix) by Medavendetta VS Deamau5 & Chris James

Tags : | House | 4.34 MB

Description : WTF IS THIS TITLE!?!
so,im sooooo happy!It's new year >_>...yeah
this song remembers me some chords by deadmau5'5 :)

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