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Description : This track has a plethora of Genres in it, hence the title Diverse. It was mixed and mastered including musical collaboration (Guitar) from "Micky" aka DrKlinger. We had a great time (I did lol) collaborating almost 5000 mi/8000 km roughly, apart. I look forward to making more tracks with him.
Also there are quite a few LM Loops on this track

Tags : | Psychedelic | 8.77 MB

Description : More psychedelia and atonality with obsessive drumming to accompany new Lovecraftian atmospheres. Your comment will be highly appreciated.

Description : For the 1st time I did not use any Apple loop or 3rd party loop. Every beat was created by me using Logic Pro X 10.5 software instrument, step sequencer and included plugins.

I don't know about the genre, please advise.

Description : Disco completo en Youtube

Ritmos, trance, loops y zapadas.

Description : psy night 180bpm

Description : dark psy / psy night

Description : Everyone seems to be using acapella recently. I ran across some "spoken word" that was inspiring so... That's what this is. I don't know if it would still be considered "acapella". most of the drums are Laurentwirz my fav drummer on LM

Tags : | Psychedelic | 3.50 MB | Cubase


Tags : | Psychedelic | 11.23 MB | Reason

Description : Psychedelic Rock!!! FLASHBACK: I actually remember Woodstock 1969. I lived in the next state over. What an amazing time in music as opposed to what is called music today. No sampling, just pure musicians and singers!

Description : Description : Be free to write and sing your lyrics. Join.
This is a progressive sound

ISRC: BXCK61800019
Please, use: Show me Way (your_name feat LK7)

Description : Mahakaal by Ankit Chauhan Music

anyone want to collaborate can contact me.

Description : Are you awake? Are you asleep? You never really know until it's over...

*Collab for someone to help mix and master track*

Tags : | Psychedelic | 8.33 MB

Description : Descent into the archaic and cursed meanders of Nameless City. Inspired by the homonymous story by HPL. Comment freely, friends.

Description : I've been trying to upload this track for a while.
I've got Looperman upload problems. LOL.
I guess this would be considered;
Is that a valid genre?.?,?


Description : Made with Caustic App

Description : guitar interpretation of its over by catzareverycool (vocals)

Description : We look into everything. Sound, touch, vision, dreams...
Light and sound are projected in waves. Waves that can be manipulated into a combination of other things. All of this trigger our senses then create a feeling. This track is my rendition of those feelings.

Description : "Hey Guys" is 101bpm
Featuring Savage Garden and the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Description : Instagram:

Description : sup! decided to make some cyberpunk songs, I dunno why. This one turned out awesome though! It sounds exactly as I wanted :D
I´ve used an acapella for the intro:

we will live for ever

hope you guys enjoy :S

Description : Creada base mis sentimientos hacia una persona.

Description : Just jammin with my untuned guitar and let it flow as it is.

watch the visualizer video at youtube and if you like what you hear here, please consider adding the track into your spotify playlist :)

Tags : | Psychedelic | 4.50 MB

Description : Inspired by a new distortion box. Let there be fuzz!!

Description : A soothing song

Tracks 51 - 75 of 188
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