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Description : Made with Caustic App

Description : guitar interpretation of its over by catzareverycool (vocals)

Description : We look into everything. Sound, touch, vision, dreams...
Light and sound are projected in waves. Waves that can be manipulated into a combination of other things. All of this trigger our senses then create a feeling. This track is my rendition of those feelings.

Description : "Hey Guys" is 101bpm
Featuring Savage Garden and the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Description : Instagram:

Description : sup! decided to make some cyberpunk songs, I dunno why. This one turned out awesome though! It sounds exactly as I wanted :D
I´ve used an acapella for the intro:

we will live for ever

hope you guys enjoy :S

Description : Creada base mis sentimientos hacia una persona.

Description : Just jammin with my untuned guitar and let it flow as it is.

watch the visualizer video at youtube and if you like what you hear here, please consider adding the track into your spotify playlist :)

Tags : | Psychedelic | 4.50 MB

Description : Inspired by a new distortion box. Let there be fuzz!!

Description : A soothing song

Description : I got some new vsts and it works great. Hope you enjoy.

Description : I tried to add a verse to this song but it was way too difficult. Instead I updated it with a chorus. I took an old chorus from one of my older songs listed and it sounded better with this background.

Description : Vocals over track soon to come. Stay tuned.

Description : i'm gaga. i need sleep...

Description : Industrial.

Description : check this out

Description : 40 min

Description : Валял дурака!

Tags : | Psychedelic | 9.32 MB

Description : Minimalist Psychedelic Pop.
Shamoozey (Bike Riding Monk) acapella with an Yamaha DX synth filtered, lo-fi drums & bass samples.
Singer: Shamoozey
Music: Lo_Therapy
Release Date: 11/05/2017

Description : Instrumental (84 bpm)

Description : East tex blues/groove experiment with painstakingly
created backwards guitar leads.little yellow house by the tracks is allways thumpin :)

Tags : | Psychedelic | 5.86 MB

Description : Feel Free to share it !

Description : A instrumental guitar song i wrote in my head when I was out and walking with my dog last winter. I saw a beautiful frozen tree hanging out over the river where im living in the wood of western Sweden.
Thomas B Guitars
Mr Logic Drums.


Description : Check out this funky what not we prereleased from our upcoming album...
CHECK ME OUT www soundcloud com stanisofficial

Tracks 51 - 75 of 173
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