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Description : Fourth track I made for my free Christian Rave album Two Glowsticks and a Crucifix. Suggestions would be most helpful. Groove by MrRobot. Kicks by DJL3. Snares by TravisHuckins.

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  1. MrRobot
    MrRobot on Sat 24th Oct 2009 - 10 years ago

    really fantastic track man!!!

    like a voyage into the deepest world of rave

    thank you very much!!!

    greetings from Germany
    Mr.Robot :)

    Reply by UncleMalaria

    Thanks for the listen!!
    I REALLY love your loops! As far as I'm concerned, you are the master of the electro groove.

  2. ShurelyTemper
    ShurelyTemper on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 - 10 years ago

    Yo dude,
    Hi how's it going. I like what your doing. Christian Rave in the 90's in the uk, there was a big christian rave culture(Not the nine o'clock news) weird name but their events where huge. I don't mean to be a match maker but I have a friend who was a Rave DJ and he is an excellent remixer music producer (home based) DJ Sparker aka Mark, and he's a devout christian. I'm sure if I tell him to join he will he would give the you the best tips, and prayers I bet. Me I'm aeithist but nobodys perfect eh. Keep it up your heading in the right direction. Rave Tip make use of sharp Stabbing sounds that piece the rest, but also look for Hoover sound files. I got loads but they break the rules to upload.
    Good luck I'll get Mark to drop by hopefully

    Reply by UncleMalaria

    Thanks for the review, bro.
    I used to listen rave and the sort back in the late 90's when I was a kid. I don't really listen to it any more, but I had a great idea for a rave album.
    Although I am not religious in any fashion, I wanted to make a Christian Album that is in no way patronizing or offensive.
    In fact, I have been wracking my brains to make it more "religious" sounding. I could only find two vocal pieces that were mildly religious that be put to rave...
    Anyways, it would be super fantastic if you could hook me up with your DJ friend.

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