29th Apr 2024 19:45 - 2 months ago
Description : Feel free to use it and leave us a comment with your link.

Comments (4)

If you have time take a listen and give DUKEADAM some feedback.

DimitriVeagas 11th Jul 2024 16:05 - 6 days ago
Love the Work Mate
DDAAVVIIDD123 23rd Jun 2024 15:44 - 3 weeks ago
DDAAVVIIDD123 23rd Jun 2024 15:43 - 3 weeks ago
good track!
DDAAVVIIDD123 23rd Jun 2024 15:42 - 3 weeks ago

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24th Dec 2014 16:33 - 9 years ago
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Description : It's occurred to me that I don't make enough tracks you can dance to. I'm not much of the dancing type so perhaps that explains why. I have my moments though. Made this track for my birthday on the 21st. Tried to do something upbeat but it still sounds kind of dark. Hope you can enjoy. If not, then enjoy that title. I thought it was kind of catchy. Open for critique. *New version, tweaked mixdown
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Description : An electronica/EDM like sort of creation. Trying to do something in the genre of The Glitch Mob or
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14th Jun 2020 19:42 - 4 years ago
Description : Something i made on FL Studio. Im still new at this and stil learning.
22nd Jan 2022 17:06 - 2 years ago
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Description : Great lead in and was feeling awesome when i made this one last year. This could actually be good music to wake up to. Let me know how it sounds and what you think. Thank you for the comments.
9th May 2023 00:58 - 1 year ago
Description : RAVE BPM 131
11th Aug 2023 16:06 - 11 months ago
Description : Corrosion demencial
28th Apr 2023 01:32 - 1 year ago
Description : I Wrote Penis On His Face As He Slept And Then He Wrote Ass On Mine And We Kissed

Screamo Rave
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This is an alternative
26th Mar 2012 09:10 - 12 years ago
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Description : A racy little number
18th Jun 2024 20:51 - 4 weeks ago
Description : Old school simple rave type beat... hope you like
4th May 2024 18:54 - 2 months ago
Description : Find us on youtube
21st Oct 2009 22:53 - 14 years ago
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Description : First track I made for my free Christian Rave album Two Glowsticks and a Crucifix. Suggestions would be helpful.

Vocals by EVRiM
31st Aug 2008 20:30 - 15 years ago
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Description : Just a good home cooked dance track...