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Description : It's occurred to me that I don't make enough tracks you can dance to. I'm not much of the dancing type so perhaps that explains why. I have my moments though. Made this track for my birthday on the 21st. Tried to do something upbeat but it still sounds kind of dark. Hope you can enjoy. If not, then enjoy that title. I thought it was kind of catchy. Open for critique. *New version, tweaked mixdown

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  1. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Tue 30th Dec 2014 - 8 years ago

    Hey Neo, I'm no expert on rave, but I do have a pretty good ear for quality music and this is really well done. There is an awful lot going on, but you manage to weave it all together skillfully. I liked that change at the 2:00 mark as well...a "happier" feeling through that section, not quite as dark.

    I can tell you all of the crazies in Las Vegas would be jumping away to this one. Well done my friend. Mix is special as well.

    Happy holidays Neo to you and your family. Here's to a great 2015. I hope all is well.


    Reply by GramoChopin

    Well...I hope it sounds good to you SB. I only deal with truth and honesty but it seems like your being honest. Especially with your past reviews. And I'm no expert at rave either, I just love music. Interesting fact about my productions, I rarely ever create by traditional standards. Meaning, I kind of just do my own thing. But of course I still try to implement essential elements with different types of music. Like the constant kick drum hit in a track like this. Or the slower bpm of hip hop. Or the fast pace and roll to a dnb track. Anyways, I keep blabbing on. Really appreciate the listen and feedback. Happy holidays and happy new years to you too! peace

  2. joecramer
    joecramer on Sun 28th Dec 2014 - 8 years ago

    :) Ok Neo, befor you get me wrong

    I think it is a cool track. Makes me start dreaming or chilling - something like that.
    It is good made and it changes nicly to some diffrent things.
    In a way it is a bit like a soundtrack for a cool underground film or something like "trainspotting".
    Ever be on a fair, letz say on the "autoscouter" and be a bit drunken or stoned or else? Never got this feeling of getting extreme mixings of music only with rotating youre head a little? ......
    if i would make a movie and had a situation like that, then this track would work extremly cool.

    But i am not sure if it is a good track to dance to. Maybe a little to chilly/dreamy ......

    By the way - happy birthday to you.
    Ok i am a little late but :)

    stay tuned

    Reply by GramoChopin

    Yea, it's cool. I wasn't offended. Was just confused on you calling it "funny to listen to." Which wasn't the intention, because I do take this seriously. It also makes it sound like you didn't like the track. Which is also why texting and communicating like this is problematic because alot of things get taken out of context. But I can actually hear a bit of things that sound out of place now or that maybe needs some tweaking. I just wanted to make a track for my b day ha. And sorry, I don't do emojis much so don't think I'm in a bad mood or anything. I'm in more of a neutral mood or inbetween where I'll just write out a review/comment and nothing more. It isn't meant to be looked into anymore than that. I like to respond to everyone, so I've kept that a habit since I've been on here. That's just me. And thanks for the birthday wish! peace

  3. joecramer
    joecramer on Sat 27th Dec 2014 - 8 years ago

    It's a bit like when you look at a movie in which the protagonist is on LSD at a fair and somewhat surprising moves his head from side to side and rotates a bit.
    At first everything is something in cotton and unreal. Then it change to more clearly but also surreal ..... this is quite funny to listen to.

    stay tuned

    Reply by GramoChopin

    Okay..not really sure how to respond to that. Thanks for listening. Appreciate it peace

  4. Billydragon1
    Billydragon1 on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 8 years ago

    Nice, nice one here GC. Love the way you faded in the intro, you get that feeling of actually walking into a cave or down into a basement where there is a rave going on.

    I can just see ravers here dancing the night away with glowsticks in their hands. That was a good change of scenery at 2.00. Would be great if you could find some vocal samples to drop in! I was thinking something like the astronauts going to the moon etc.. But nonetheless, a very high energy track. Keep them coming Neobane!

    Have a good Christmas holiday brother. - BD

    Reply by GramoChopin

    Thanks man, didn't really know what vocals could fit that part. Maybe I'll look into it. peace bro

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