23rd May 2009 07:00 -  15 years ago
Tags :
Description : I've wanted to do a VIP of Alo Darlin for a few months now, and I've finally managed to do it. Im really quite pleased with the results. It lives up to the old song and more.

I've added a few new samples, another bassline, another higher-lead line, and I think i've got the mastering alot better this time. Its so much harder on the louder bassy songs, But after many tests I think its come out okay.

Please review!
*****Edit - Some people had commented on the fact that it didnt really have a whole lot of bass in it, So i've added a sub. The reason i hadnt done this before was because it was exporting rather muddily. Anyway I've managed to get it sounding just right, and fixed a few other bits in the song too. Much better!
Thass my Boy!

Comments (17)

If you have time take a listen and give Chud37 some feedback.

DjHulkinstein 26th Nov 2019 00:38 -  4 years ago
Still check this out every so often its one my favs thanks for making it.It inspires my own work!
UncleMalaria 7th Jun 2019 06:27 -  4 years ago
really awesome track! such good pacing, tasty wobbles :D
and i used it here:
SHWAK 6th Mar 2015 01:29 -  9 years ago
sounds like a juicy robot fart
FACADE 2nd Jul 2011 11:23 -  12 years ago
Filthy sweet great voc samps man! just gettin into dubstep now and i am lovin this track of yours keep it up peace, IPOD for sure.

Kleinman 11th Jun 2011 19:40 -  12 years ago
This track blew my mind, great job man!! The sub was a great together everything fits together perfectly.
Zelab 24th May 2011 23:12 -  13 years ago
Now this is a good track man. Really liked it adding it to my favourites.

GannonMT21 12th Apr 2011 04:45 -  13 years ago
I would like to ask what you use for your DAW? I'm learning pro tools and looking at doing some dubstep. Any suggestions? I have Ableton Live and am looking at getting massive. My main problem is getting good drum sounds that are hard.
VampireCowboy 11th Sep 2010 06:08 -  13 years ago
I feel like I was having my head friggen sandblasted! I can taste the dirt and feel the grit in my teeth!

In other words, I loved the track!
Kazm 20th Jun 2009 21:00 -  14 years ago
Another absolute animal of a track for me to add to my favourites and DL list.
I love the first drop. Reminds me of Saxon by Chase & Status (Not to say that you're copying it, just saying that it's as high quality) and that wobble is mean. I feel that I need help in creating synths, as that is what lets my tracks down. However, you seem to have synth creation nailed.
Pece, bro.
dubzta 11th Jun 2009 19:23 -  14 years ago
yes bro u good,jus reading dat reveiw by worldpeace,sounds like an idiot lol,dis has gotta be ya best track (ive heard) youve done,sik from start 2 finish,wat else do u need from a track,nice 4 tha reveiw yea,keep it real.bless r-d
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Lol thanks. Im glad you liked it. I've got some more good ones coming up i think. A few collabs too on the way. Thanks for the review mate! :)
DjSomnium 8th Jun 2009 14:11 -  14 years ago
Its a fairly good tune man, with plenty of heavy distortion on the lead synth saw which gives it a nice dirty feel. Im not sure how you managed the variable lead ossicilation, but it gave the track a good ammount of vareity as well! has a good change at about 2.50. However if i could change something i would turn down the main lead a little bit, and i think thats about it. Nicley done. check out my tracks sometime?
Dj Somnium
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Heh thanks. So you think the main leads too loud? I do try and get the synths as loud as i possibly can without blocking out the drums or anything else in the song. And i really wanted it to hit quite hard when it came in so.

But thanks for your review, its nice to have some good constructive critisism. And i'll hava listen now! :)
badasi 2nd Jun 2009 10:01 -  14 years ago
really cool track man! this is new for me, but i like it!, keep it up!
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
heh thanks! it is very different. and loud! but thanks im glad you liked it.
WorldPeace 26th May 2009 14:27 -  15 years ago
After your cutting comment on my page, with no really intelligent feedback I thought I'd come here and be blown away. I found your intro rather good, but when the guitar with the FX came in, the feel changed drastically and wasn't complementary. I would have loved to hear you continue this track with the same theme as the intro. (PS: Now see how my response gave you details rather than an attack with no substantive feedback to help you. We're all mature here....) Best wishes as you grow, learn and find humility.

You totally rude and arrogant. I'm not suggesting that we don't give each other feedback, nor am I suggesting that giving honest feedback means one isn't mature. I'm saying when your feedback is simply something like "you're an idiot" or "terrible movie/song, etc" it's not constructive at all.

But it seems that you are just a snob, so why do we waste each others time. Let's just agree that you don't bother me and I surely won't review or respond to you anymore in life. PLEASE leave me alone and take your arrogance elsewhere!!!!!

Had you simply informed me of the crackling in the audio (which I noted, it was a mistake in the output and I hadn't checked it) I would have fixed it. GOODBYE forever, please don't communicate with me anymore.........
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Im perfectly mature thanks. Part of being mature is being honest. And that is what im doing. Have you actually listened to what your 'sample' (its not a song) sounded like on looperman? have you had any good reviews of it? its crackly, it clips, its just two words and i have no idea what they even mean. As for using as part of a dubstep song, well, you certainly wouldnt get it played in any of the clubs in London. Im mature enough to let someone know when something they've put online is terrible and not sugar coat it so they feel good about themselves and carry on making the same mistakes.

As for your 'cutting' comments about my song, You clearly dont get what dubstep is all about. I suggest you go listen to the likes of Bar9, Caspa, Rusko, Orien.

And by the way, its not a guitar, and its not a metal song.

Best wishes as you learn to grow up and be humble.


Scriptique 25th May 2009 06:31 -  15 years ago
Wow, man this is whack! Love the phasing and distortion: it's done very tastefully. I don't know if you did this on purpose, but the music drops are also well placed: keeps the whole track from being too overloaded with the synths. Excellent!
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Heh! I did do on purpose. Its the VIP version so i was extending the original, and the I use all the samples that I did before and some new ones. But yeah, everything stops when the talking comes in, just for half a bar or so, to break it all up a bit.

And thank you! Im glad you liked it, I was very pleased with it :)
DuBzReCoRdInGsTuDiO 24th May 2009 00:07 -  15 years ago
i know i was gonna like this b4 i played it, just cos if ur braggin about it then it must be good man...and it iz...thats ma boi!!!
Edit: yeh man, after listen again i gotta giv ya respec dude...i mess around with lfo's n shit sumtimes but to get it az tight as this must've been a mission blud...well! fu**in! DUN!!!
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Heh! Yeah well some of the other versions i tried were just messing around with the original synth i used, then last week i came up with the main synth in this song and, couldnt really think of a use for it, then last night i just put the two together and there you have it :) Heh thanks for the review!
JDOT2006 23rd May 2009 16:21 -  15 years ago
Wow wow wow, thats all I have to say. Alo Darlin is a fav of mine already and to hear this version man is absolute music brilliance, your extremely creative and awesomely unique. Keep doin your thing Chud37. Fav'n this one as well. J DOT ~ 2006
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Yeah! It was one of my favorites too, And on a recent trip to Thailand i had it on my mp3 player and it suddenly came to me that I should do a VIP. It took a long time tho, The first versions I made were pretty terrible and in no way matched the attitude of the original. So im really pleased with this one. I stayed up till 7am making this last night lol!

Thanks for your review tho mate, really appreciate it :)
carlito 23rd May 2009 12:08 -  15 years ago
Damn that was Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep iT up man!
Chud37 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Heh! Thank you very much!

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