10th Nov 2014 00:39 -  9 years ago
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Description : I had a lot of fun making this track hope you guys enjoy.

Comments (7)

If you have time take a listen and give Livingsoulsdie some feedback.

GramoChopin 22nd Jun 2015 15:58 -  8 years ago
Been a while bro. First off, really like that synth at the beginning. Gives off some MMBN vibes, mostly from the synths. Digging the instrumentation, really creative. Keep it coming man! peace

Spivkurl 12th Feb 2015 13:18 -  9 years ago
Hey, really fun electronic stuff here! I like the stutter of some of those synth lines. I think people tend to lump things into dubstep mostly because that is what they are familiar with, too me this is far from it, more like a time when dubstep didn't really exist. Well, you've given me a nice wakeup with this one! I enjoyed it a lot! Fave!
StylesBM 12th Nov 2014 19:02 -  9 years ago
the lead is awesome, when I heard I had a thought of adding something to it if you don't mind can I borrow the lead...omg the snare roll into .40 was sweet and the rest very nice and just form listening I can see that this must have been fun to make indeed. Keep it up man!
catch you around.
FreeRadical 10th Nov 2014 18:24 -  9 years ago
great synthwork at the begining with some nice powerful drums. The melodies are excellent and it's really intricate in its glitchyness. Cool sellection of synths and a really groovy vibe.
I seem to always be impressed when i hit your page and this is no exception.
Really well written piece.
ValveDriver 10th Nov 2014 06:36 -  9 years ago
You're pretty good at this, man. So far, I've liked everything you've put up. This is a pretty uplifting tune. Generally I steer more towards the darker side, but I still really liked this. I don't know anything about the whole Glitch genre, but this did have a very dubstep flow to it. Maybe because that's what you excel in? Who knows? Either way. I liked it, man.

Take care.
promenade2239 10th Nov 2014 06:24 -  9 years ago
hey, agree with the comment below - very enjoyable tune, kind of dubsteppy. Keep up the productions. Alex
Axion 10th Nov 2014 02:56 -  9 years ago
Wow I love the different change ups you do throughout the track. It all sounds great. Good job man.

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