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Description : Made using FL Studio and plugins same as the previous groove but with sidechain

Description : made also in fl studio

Description : Made with flstudio 12 write down any questions in the comment section or contact me.

Description : Version 2 of Synth 5 my other loop had a problem so I used this instead enjoy

Description : used massive

Description : Made with Massive and again comment your track because i love seeing the results

Description : This is some notes i made hope you find it useful and comment your track so I can see what you did with it.

Description : just used flstudio

Description : This was made in Massive and without any edits

Description : Kind of like joyryde's tune but with Massive

Description : Used lots of Massive

Description : Used Massive plugin

Description : Fl Studio

Description : FL Studio

Description : Fl Studio version 2 with autogun Comment for any suggestions

Description : Fl Studio making a martin garrix melody

Description : Fl Studio

Description : Fl Studio Comment for Suggestion

Description : Fl Studio [Autogun] Comment for suggestions

Description : Fl Studio [Autogun]

Loops 26 - 45 of 45