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Description : Testing new vst...
Description : pressing some keyboard keys and feeling empty...
Description : Piano
Description : violin
Description : hop useful...
Description : Studying make me lose it i know... feelsbadman
Description : Lets just hop nothing bad happen...
Description : whatever...
Description : Its bad you dont have to tell me :'(
Description : Just some strings with french horns :D
I will probably make more if you like it :D
Description : Whatever...
Description : idk what im doing xD
i hop you find it useful :D
btw im really busy with my Graduation Note :/ wish me luck :D
Description : I suck at making drums xD
I hop you find it useful :D
Btw i suck at music so dont expect from me to much :p
Description : Just some guitar and piano chords :D
Description : Making My first loop :D
Hop useful.
Loops 1 - 15 of 15
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