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Description : soft synth for slow songs

Description : soft guitar for afrobeat songs

Description : wet live guitar

Description : a two chord simple acoustic strum good for many genres

Description : played with acoustic guitar for mostly afrobeat

Description : dry acoustic live guitar mixed with aphex vintage wave plugin.

Description : sad acoustic feelin for afrobeat

Description : SAD and weird feeling guitar /i played it live with acoustic guitar and mixed it with wave plugins rcompressor.

Description : this loop is inspired by afro ideas and its good for
all kinds of afrobeat.
plugins used ultramaximizer wave lin-mb stereo T- racks compressor.

Description : this loop is made with an electric guitar ,inspired by west and central african music, like couper decaler and rumba.
plugins used lin-MB stereo, cla guitar pluck wave.

Description : This loop was created Roland Keyboard , its a was brass good for pop or ambient music.
plugins used wave reverb, t racks soft clipper and R-compressor wave.

Description : This loop was created with PRS piano , its a melancholic feeling sad and very weid feel.
plugins used ultrafunck compressor and cla2mono.

Description : i used PRS grand piano to play this harmonic beautiful riff or loop.
plugins used -wave Rcompressor, ultramaximizer T racks.

Description : i use electric guitar to do this tight ambient muted loop. plugins used CLA2mono,lin-MB ultrafunk compressor.

Description : i used the impact midi keyboad to prodused this loop with the nexus synthesizer and forest preset.
plugins used ultra maximizer wave, ultrafunck delay and R-compressor, please let me know if you use this loop and share your experience about it with me.
thanks guys.

Description : This is a dry muted electric guitar feeling good for afrobeat, acoustic and other genres.
plugins used, ultrafunk compressor, Aphex vintage and T-racks soft clipper.

Description : my loop is made with acoustic guitar, i used wave 9 plugins to mix this dry, tender and harmonic acoustic loop. plugins used waves x- noise ,R-compressor ,Aphex vintage and Ultra maximizer.

Loops 1 - 17 of 17