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Description : Guitar with reverb delay and slaps. See profile for customs

Description : Guitar with reverb and delay (Chorus part)

Description : Guitar with reverb and delay (Verse part)

Description : Trapsical Guitar ;)

Description : Filtered Orchestral Trap

Description : Choir Em

Description : Vox Am Dm

Description : The Voices

Description : Harp melody made using reMIDI 2

Description : Ancient Greek Strings -- Lyre

Description : Flute loop made with reMIDI 2. From loop cook-up with the Twins on YT channel.

Description : verse: see chorus version

Description : chorus: see verse version

Description : J.S. Bach Flute Loop using the new reMIDI 2 MIDI Sampler

Description : Old tape recording choir

Description : Old Tape recorder choir Loop

Description : Emotional Harp

Description : Longing Guitar with delays

Description : Jitters. Guitar with fx

Description : Sorry Piano with fx

Description : That modulation. Trap Harp

Description : Progressive Trap Harp

Description : More Trap Harp Fire

Description : Mouthy Trap Harp

Description : Trap flute with copious fx short stabs version

Loops 1 - 25 of 159