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Description : Dreamy Hawaiian Ukulele

Description : Shamisen Banger 2

Description : Shamisen Progression

Description : Vibey Strings

Description : Shamisen 4 a banger

Description : Shamisen Strings

Description : Dreamy Guitar with fx

Description : Bag It. Andrew on the loop.

Description : That trap Guitar

Description : More Koto strings

Description : Koto Strings

Description : Progressive Trap

Description : Piano

Description : Oriental Trap Loop

Description : Only one instrument, i.e no blended stems: Raw emotional keys, has an erie melodic version also: "Ticking Time Melody"

Description : Plucks in Dm

Description : Erie gliding pad, has an raw emotional harmonic version also: "Ticking Time Harmony"

Description : Reverse Pad Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole. Melody made with reMIDI

Description : Smooth Pad Plucks. Melody made with reMIDI

Description : Pad Stabs. Melody Made with reMIDI

Description : Touching piano

Description : It's been a minute. Received kind ig dm to keep up. Seems like y'all like ac guitar... This one is groovy. PeaceLove

Description : Beautifully Chill Guitar

Description : Progressive RnB Loop

Description : G Em B

Loops 1 - 25 of 97
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