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Description : Its in a lot of popular beats rn young nudy playboi carti gunna lil baby

Description : lil skies Yung Garzi dababy lil baby

Description : throwback lil skies Yung Garzi dababy lil baby Roddy rich lil uzi lil uzi vert drake Travis Scott cash money ap Nick Mira Jetsonmade chill sweep kendrick Lamar playboi carti

Description : this is fire but it is kind of off tempo

Description : slaps

Description : hard cuzzin

Description : sakura

Description : mhm pretty nice send links

Description : trust me the slap

Description : this is weird pls do something cool with it

Description : this too fire leave what you make in comments

Description : sorry its fast it doesn't sound better at any other bpm :)

Description : sounds insane

Description : lil skies could use this maybe, I was looking for a good flute to use with it but couldn't find one. :(

Description : this is really good, found some random sample.

Description : used in a lot of songs and very crucial for making beats

Description : made with an fl plugin, pretty scary sounding loop. If you added like creepy rainforest sounds this would be good.

Description : pretty simple but also pretty hard

Description : sounds like robbery kinda

Description : sound good ngl

Description : sound good ngl

Description : sounds like mask off kinda

Description : this sounds like a hard drum.

Description : this is sad and would sound good with a bell probably

Description : I like this one

Loops 1 - 25 of 26
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