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Description : idk
wrote this and didnt really use it

Description : F minor

Description : F minor

Description : F minor

Description : Night Lovell type loop
a# minor
a# f# f c

Description : Written in D Dorian
same notes as A minor

Description : Bass Notes would be F# then D then C#

Description : i chopped some sort of glockenspiel sample and this came out. i dont feel like making something with it, so pls show me what you got.
key is also A# harmonic minor.

Description : F Harmonic Minor

key for this melody would be A Phrygian!!

Melody written in G Harmonic Minor
so sharp the last note of the scale

Description : sounds slick
A Minor or E phrygian
same notes but im not sure which one the root really is

Description : written in A harmonic minor so make sure to sharp the last note

Description : Drum and Bass fitting to my last upload with the chris brown Sine Pluck Melody

Description : written in Bb or A# minor
sounds like some chris brown thing

Description : Written in F phrygian
no effects except a flanger

Description : IMPORTANT: it is indeed D Harmonic minor so make sure u sharp the last note
i just didn't know what to do with this melody.
figured anyone else might.
the chords according to the melody which would work are: 1 6 4 5

Description : Dont know what to do with this

have fun

Loops (18)