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Description : Chill loft beat on f major scale

Description : super easy 7th chords enjoy

Description : Just a simple guitar loop composed with a midi, enjoy making heat with it

Description : Trombones on d minor scale hope you can make a beat with disorient 808s on them and enjoy it

Description : This is is not quite c minor scale but I works hehe main chords are c minor e minor and d minor enjoy and make a hard beat with it!!!

Description : Building synth melody heheee enjoy!!

Description : this is a 120 bpm a minor with 80s funk vibe, if you make a beat post it and comment the link

Description : the piano goes from a minor 7th to f major 7th to e minor 7th of course from C major scale

Description : Crazy vox loop trap loops

Description : Hit me up on twitter for more!!

Description : Hit me up on twitter if you need beats

Description : If you're interested in more dm on my twitter, enjoy!!

Description : If you're interested for more hit me up on insta

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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