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Description : one of the loopys I made streaming on kick last night

made with stuff from nexus and arcade hope usable

Description : simple Dorian minor chords in a sexy nexus pad

hope usable love to see what you do wit it :)

Description : dark and moody pads just the way i like it use well and wise :)

Description : im in japan and i made a couple loopys on the flight over that shit was awful this loop captures my mood lol hopefully you likey :)

Description : harmonic minor

gotta cool one for yall today missed yesterday but imma try uploading everyday hope usable made with stuff in nexus with arp on

be dope leave me a link love to see what is made wit it :)

Description : my boys uploading mad loopys so get with it my birthday march 2nd is coming and im planning on uploading at least one everyday

peep the album already too busston is out and kinda mid but cool i guess link on profile

Description : another one with the cool guitar pad hope you enjoy

peep my new album btw link on profile

Description : made with nexus sine and a serum electric piano with a philter on both and jus a tad of gross halfie

idk what type this is hope you enjoy tho

all loopermen are sexy goated chads with girlfriends

member dat :)

Description : hope you enjoy haven't made music in a while tryna get back into it

your cool and sexy tho make dope stuff plz and leave link love ya :)

Description : nav metro type made with serum and nexus hope usable

psst free beat of this on my tracks btw but dont tell anyone :)

Description : really for any genre

use well and wise hope you are well

Description : reverse arp wit half time in middle

hope u enjoy todays loopy use well and wise :)

Description : click it use it love it i love you :) no homo tho but thats cool if u are plenty of my friends are :)

ps theres a g in there

Description : hope you enjoy very weird one today I kinda likey

ps make sure to check out my tracks some cool ones on there ty sm kiss kiss :)

Description : anotha rando pad I make on the daily hope you enjoy and make cool stuff with this one :)

Description : uhh uhh yuhh yes yes this is an angry one. make sure to use wisely :

Description : made with stuff in flex enjoy

Description : yes yes very cool make sure to use and use well none of these meh meh stuff gimmie somthin good

love you regardless! look in the mirror cutie the world is yours :)

Description : woweee massive part 2 even more massive plz make sure to use in anyway u plz :)

Description : yes yes made with stuff in nexus and kontakt plz use well and wise :)

Description : yes yes ik cool cool plz make sure to download and use for free and not like even put a link to it in the comments.. thats cool.. idc like at all.. lets get it clear you care not me..
love you tho :)

Description : yeh ran out of names enjoy bells and shizz

Description : yes yes v cool made with shit from nexus and serum dont post what you did with it :)
btw Glory to my Ukrainian brothas! may light overtake darkness!!!

Description : guys gotta try using squid ink in your pasta utterly unbelievable, almost as unbelievable as the thought of you not putting what you do with this in the comments. do the thing... or not dont really care :)

Description : piano pad thing then halftime really simple hope usable
love ya tho :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 56