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Description : drop to go along with my single panic
Description : drums to an aggressive song I'm making.
Description : made another chord progression with more variation
Description : i was trying to make the pluck from deadmau5's raise your weapon. i made a chord progression with it
Description : this really reminded me of calvin harris so
Description : i am so bored so im uploading this
Description : i wanted to make an edm drop so here you go
Description : messing around because i'm at home sick
Description : drop that i think sounds wicked
Description : decided to make a trap beat today
Description : same drop as before but with gross beat.
Description : i noticed that basses in today's dubstep is starting to have a chorus effect. tried to make one. i was wondering if it was good or bad
Description : decided i was gonna start uploading loops everyday now soz
Description : drop i made with massive
Description : drop from a song im making
Description : i was trying to make a lead for a song but it didn't fit in so i'm uploading it here. key is c minor.
Description : a shitty loop that is compressed to hell. my first attempt at glitch-hop
Description : i used harmor in a noobish way on purpose
Description : i used sytrus to make the growls
Description : a simple edm drop that has some gating at the end
Description : messing around and this came out
Description : from a song i'm making
Description : a drop from a song i'm working on
Description : drums to the synth drop
Description : messing around after taking some lessons
it has accidentals that add a nice touch
Loops 1 - 25 of 39
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