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Description : Offbeat Jazz Drums

Description : 120BPM Drums

Description : Part 2 and stuff

Description : Very meh, works ok with the loop I'll upload soon

Description : Not very good

Description : This is a weird one, I'll just put it in dubstep since I don't really know where else to put it.

Description : This will sound absolutely terrible without proper drums. I use this sound in one of my newer songs

Description : This one had a problem and was removed, when I fixed it, it was about a week later, so it was lost amongst all the other loops you guys put out, which meant, pretty much no one downloaded it. So, here it is again for those that missed it.

Description : Doesn't sound good without drums.

Description : Happy lead, works well with the drums I uploaded earlier.

Description : Nice fast paced drums, works well with the lead I'll upload soon.

Description : Wobble bass and stabs.

Description : Same patch

Loops 1 - 13 of 13