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Description : Melodic guitar loop I just made. Not much to it, but sounds nice.
Love to hear beats from it.

Description : This is a 3-part guitar loop I just put together.
Chord Progression on Guitar 2 is:
Dm / Em / F / Gm / Am
- for anyone that wants to follow or harmonise with it.
I'd love to see links if you used it.

Description : Trap drums influenced by old boom bap rhythms.
Would love to hear uses.

Description : Trap drums in 5/4.
Interested to see if anyone uses this as it changes things up a bit. I know trap is typically in 4/4, but if you like melodic trap, especially inspired by African or Asian stylistics, then this could be a good change.

Love to see what anyone does with it.

Title has dash as it doesn't allow slashes in title.

Description : a'ight cool.
Used African Kora and Turkish Ney

Scale is D# Phrygian if anyone who makes trap actually uses that scale.

Link to beats encouraged.

Description : Just as title says.
Plenty of percussion to fill out a track.

Scale is C#/Db Melodic Minor and progression is A#, C, C#, C.

Love to hear beats.

Description : Using a Kora (African) and a synth pad from Kontakt 6 Library.
Has a Sausage Fattener and Multiband Compressor on master channel.

Would love to see links to beat.

Scale is C#/Db Melodic Minor.

Description : Organised trap style drums with distorted 808 drums.
4 bars on C, then 4 bars on B.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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