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Description : Several layers and a few baselines in an 8-bit themed sound. Go crazy.

Description : Three different layers of chords, two basses, a steel drum, and a lead put together to create this boring mess of sound.

Description : This could be used in many ways.

Description : These are the layers from a song I released a few days ago called In My Way. Dubstep producers, dominate this website again.

Description : Not much to say here, just drums to go with the Scream Bass I posted seconds ago. Share your tracks with me. I don't care if you use them in releases or not but I'd love to hear what you make.

Description : Made this base my layering four different stocks from logic together. After that I mixed the crap out of them. Made for Dubstep and such. I guess you could also call it a lead. Also I wanted to take a second to say that I'm gonna start using looperman more. I've been downloading producers' samples for about a year and I wanna be a part of it. Expect more from me from multiple genres.

Description : This is some random impact I made for future bass, progressive house, melodic dubstep, deep house, and general edm tracks. Let me know if I'm wrong about the key.

Description : Riddim, Dubstep, Future Bass, this impact could honestly be used for anything.

Description : Just some regular hold white noise impact. Nothing special. Recommeneded for Dubstep.

Description : Threw together a Drum and Bass beat a really long time ago, I later changed the drums and turned it into a sample.

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Loops 1 - 10 of 10